Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Baby Crows are ten months old

Baba, Benoit and Lucy, the young Crows living near the Burringbar Range (NE NSW, Australia) are now almost ten months old. They regularly visit the main group of Crows in the valley nearby, and often spend their nights away from the vicinity of their nesting tree, the Crow's Ash on the ridge.

Some of Benoit's images in the Environmental Advocacy Collages and Photos, (2008-2009)

Their eating skills and dexterity have greatly matured, as has their capacity to understand my directions. Their language is dramatically increased in sounds and strength of sound, but still holds the slight "huskiness" of being a young crow.
They somewhat remind me of dogs. Although when he is feeling boistrously active, Benoit has a sensitivity, that he finds hard to put to practice.  This is the time when he may peck at my ear too hard. But a word -  especially a very "sensitively put" word - more like a "feeling" expressed to him, and he then is much more gentle. 
The whole process is much like teaching a puppy or baby how to be gentle - the approach is the same. Showing the crow that gentle is "soft" and "friendly" and "loving". Benoit knows exactly how to differentiate "soft" from "hard".
Benoit and Lucy both regularly like to fly in, nearby and say hello.  I still put clean water outside, in the garden, daily, for the birds.  
The dear little crows  talk in a low language, trying to "mimic" our words. Lucy is still somewhat slower than the other sibling Crows but like Benoit, has taken to coming in to talk with me. 
Baba is still the most cautious of the three, regarding contact with me. 
They all like to garden with me, but particularly, again, Benoit and Lucy.  I am doing a small landscaping "project" outside my shed. I am making a nice flat area to put a couple of chairs, table and umbrella. The Crows have been helping me, in this task, and spend time picking through the soil that I disturb, as I create my new garden area. It is nice to work away with the little friends so relaxed, close by. 
Benoit has become so fast and smart, that at times, the parents are seen to reprimand him, as he display great gusto to trying to take everyone's food, when I throw out fruit or meat scraps for them. He is much larger than Baba and Lucy. His flying skills also show much more speed and agility. He is, in short, a superb looking youngster.
He is often away from the rest of the family, throughout the day, doing his own "crow business", and quite often, I only see him briefly, when he is coming through my way, or the others are nearby to my home, and he flies in to be with them here.  
As I write this, I can hear Benoit calling out about half a kilometer from here. His voice is still softer, like a baby Crow voice, but Benoit's voice is the loudest of the "Babies". He makes me smile, as I hear him going about his early morning.

Back when the crows were about 7 months from their September 2008 hatching - this is what I had to say about them:-
"Baba, Benoit and Lucy have now been flying for over about 6months. This makes them about 7 months old. Their eyes show slight blue color, but still appear brown. Their vocal ability has improved strongly, and although they still are very soft in many of the louder calls, they display a great variety of language.
Due to Benoit's encouragement, the other two young Crows - Baba and Lucy, have decided to come closer to me, when they visit my garden. Benoit and Lucy have just spent the last week hanging about together, and Lucy would fly in, afterBenoit, when he comes to visit, and ask for meat or mandarines or grapes.
Lucy has begun to walk up to me, and will sit still for a long time, just looking at me nearby. Lucy has a very soft temperament, compared to Benoit, and is still clearly everyone's favourite. 
Some mornings, we all gather outside, and I garden, and pull back from the area I have dug up, and the Crows fly in and gather the worms and insects. Sometimes, I gather the worms, and throw them onto the roadside, for the Crows to eat. They quite like the worms. They love big grasshoppers, also, and fat heliothes caterpillars.
Benoit has taken to walking on the roof, and her makes great noises, as his large crow feet run across the metal roof. Benoit likes to make noise. He is, by far, the noisiest, busiest, fastest, brightest crow, of the three siblings. In fact, quite a handful for his parents." 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Astrological Stories and Myths for a Modern Age

 Myths for a Modern Age

Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have sat under the stars to tell stories. These stories have been passed down, through generations and often have an astrological component. They are a collective treasure of information about humanity. These mythologies and symbolic epics carry a wealth of insight into the human condition, here on earth, and how we relate to God and God's Creation that we are part of here.
Genomics : Christine Morris - click on this link to understand more about people and stories. 

Christine holds a wealth of wisdom in story telling and perception of the human "way".Meeting with her professionally some many years back, I learnt a number of valuable lessons (insights). 

We are all telling stories. 
That is what we do. I give you a story, you give me a story. Well, in this blog, no one is actually writing back to me, and exchanging stories yet, but I am ever hopeful!!

However, this perspective :- that we are all here on earth exchanging stories, is a beautiful view of life and human exchange with the world. 
Exchanging stories with Christine back in the nineties, also made me think very hard about my own perceptions and discernments concerning issues such as roadways.  This needless, senseless road kill and habitat devastation that comes with human settlement and movement. Perhaps the real question surrounding these issues is:-

Now of course, on the surface, this carries a very valid and practical assessment of the situation.
WHY this should even be an issue? 
The real issue is NOT about worrying how to help the animals in their habitats by and near the roads, not about designing roads that legally support current "environmental technologies" for aiding flora and fauna continuity corridors. These things are clearly important, and are a response to the given current environmental human condition situation .They are, however,  extremely inadequate. 

AND, it is not necessarily about putting up more signs for koala crossings and ducklings crossing the road. Although these things are clearly important too - and the tireless work of conservationists, animal welfare workers and the many people who just care for animals in their lives and love nature.
However, I suspect the REAL QUESTION TO BE ASKING is..................... 

How did we arrive at this point where we even need to consider this immense "POWER" over life and death, in our daily lives? And......
 Where does "I" or "me" fit  into all of this?  
And Where do YOU, my dear reader, fit into all of this? 

Well, ..... right now - I am madly telling stories - visual, via the environmental advocacy collages, and the stories that are in the bluecray articles. 
And hopefully, some of my stories will inspire you to go to the edge of your comfortability zone, and try a little "surrender". A little "faith" A little "humility" in all of this mad challenging world of today. 

But above all - I would like to alert you to your  individual power and your own personal stories. 

You now wield an amazing amount of power, wherever you move and live. Have respect for this. Possibly, if you are reading this, you own or have at your comfortable disposal -  a computer, a car, a home  - or at least, so many possessions that you surely cannot travel about with them - all on your back.
However,  you may travel about a fair bit also. You may be a patron and participant in your society in some way or another. You may be overwhelmingly connected to a vaste amount of paperwork, processes, bureaucratic rituals, documentation, complex communications networks. This complex matrix of events is symptomatic of ourselves, as individuals, in many ways.

Learning to re-relate to nature is one of the challenges of this matrix of human processes.

As cities and high density urban areas of 24 hour lighting and atmospheric pollution/phenomena are on the increase, the skies are often unseen by people, the world over, every night.
The world of Astrological stories and observations to mark the timing of the cycles of nature and the heavens is largely physically unrelated to sky observations these days. It is largely generated by machines, paperwork, the hard work of some untiring mathematical and astronomical wizards, that bless us with their precise calculations, direct astronomical observations and knowledgeable application of divination, symbols, mythology and etymology. 
We have become somewhat "disconnected" from the SOURCE:- The NIGHT and DAY SKIES.

But mostly, what is it that we end up exchanging? - it is stories.

Astrological stories are now accumulating, as more and more astrological thinkers exchange stories, ideas, methodologies and mathematical reasonings via the speed of the internet and mass consciousness exchange..
Also, many of the stories now contain components of modern thinking, reflection, philosophy and "setting", however the basic fact is still there.


The Moon conjunct Jupiter Neptune Chiron 13th June 2009

Tonight, the Moon (emotions and environmental nurturing connections) will be rather close to Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron (knowledge, vision and healing), in the night sky above Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. You should be able to see the Moon and Jupiter clearly above the horizon about 11pm tonight.  
Below is an Astrological Chart for 11.32pm AEST (Byron Bay, Australia ), showing that as the Moon, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron conjunct, the 26th and 27th degrees of the constellation AQUARIUS become important. Also, the FIXED STAR Gienah, in the Constellation CYGNUS, is very close in longitude.
Public knowledge, vision and healing flow well with individual expression 
but there remains much to be UNCOVERED and recognised by our individual "selves". 
These planets, in their intense grouping, as they travel through their first two hours of rising, are in the twelfth house  - the domain of PISCES. 
With Neptune the ruler of Pisces, and Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces, this is a powerful location, during this period two hour period after rising.  Focusing on the qualities of the Moon, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron can help facilitate institutional healing, learning from the past,and is a powerful tool to assist those who wish to uncover hidden things, so that others may see them for what they are.  The story of the Emperor's New Clothing can pertain to this astrological situation, as can the Ugly Duckling Story. 
The mind (Mercury) and the mass consciousness (Uranus) flow well together. Thus prayer and the will for transformation can flow from the individual's knowledge base, to the wider community, via mass consciousness "connections". Wonderful! 
The above chart is for 13th June 2009, 11.32pm Byron Bay NE NSW, Australia. AEST
Quaoar (manifesting voice and dance) is situated close to the Midheaven, at 19 degrees Sagittarius. It is unaspected by other planetary bodies (thus giving it a somewhat elusive quality). However, if you view the above chart, you will see that there is much harmony in the planetary connections for ALL the other "planets". (blue and green lines).
This can help facilitate shifting blockages and refocusing visionary directions. Again, VIOLETS are a major symbol, as is the idea of thorough preparation for the future, particularly regarding environmental, seasonal and climatic cycles.
(Sabian Symbol for the Sun today is "THREE FLEDGLINGS LOOK OUT PROUDLY FROM THEIR HIGH NEST".  So, above is a photo of Baba, Benoit and Lucy, back when they where just out of their nest. Their Father is on the left.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Venus Mars Conjunct at 2009 Winter Solstice

The Earth - at Byron Bay, here in the Southern Hemisphere, has Winter Solstice on the 21st June 2009 (3.46pm AEST). The WINTER SOLSTICE presents many opportunities for RITUALS and MEDITATIONS. 
With the presence of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in conjunction, in the domain of CYGNUS (the Swan)and AQUARIUS (the Water Carrier), we can expect that "rights of passage"/ "growing Pains" and the water and emotional cycles will come into focus.

This Winter Solstice should be a tremendous experience for letting go and starting afresh. 
above chart from WHAT WATCH 
it shows Byron Bay astrological Chart for 1 minute before the Winter Solstice 2009 (3.46pm AEST). 

Some Astrological features of this year's WINTER SOLSTICE?

Venus (harmony, feminine) and Mars (action, masculine) blend in  creative partnership - (conjunct)
  • With Venus and Mars (15 degrees Taurus) passing in the Cetus or whale sector of the zodiac,this concerns "monsters" being created or looked at with fresh insight- anything from discovering new forms of undersea animals to large "water" projects and of course greater understanding re the health of the planet and the relationships of whales and sea life and the sea's nature to us and the world - all these things can be possible

And of course, the Moon will be there, approaching the weakened Sun, for the DARK of the MOON just under a couple of days after the Winter Solstice.

Saturn (the builder) and Ceres (cereals, harvest, our "daily bread") will also be there in harmony with the SUN. 
  • Saturn and Ceres conjunct at the time of the WINTER SOLSTICE.   Saturn, as the Lord of Time and the symbol of Government and Social Structures joins forces with Ceres, the symbol of harvest,grain and ritual thanks. The sickle (Ceres) and scythe symbols become particularly powerful.  Saturn as the Lord of Times carries a scythe and both these tools suggest conveying information and bureaucratic processes (AIR - CUTTING - GRAIN)
  • Structures for Farming practices and issues to do with grain storage, harvest of all types and Land and Water stewardship and the associated bureaucratic processes, here in Australia, can reach new visionary proportions and practical application of vision.
  •  Philosophical values can begin to work hand in hand with land tenure and land custodianship issues. Reorganising peoples' "daily bread", world wide, could be a feature of this Winter Solstice's timing.
Pluto (transformer) harmoniously joins forces with the midheaven, but is in opposition with the weakening SUN (individual spirit).
  • Pluto, having some fleeting friendly moments with the Mid Heaven, can help adjust transformation, as it sits in Capricorn, for the Solstice,waiting to rise, just behind QUAOAR, the creative voice of existence. However, with the Sun approaching opposition to Pluto, conflict and tension can arise between the need for change for societys' (and the planet's sake) and the need to display self expression and individual free will.
If practical magic need be applied within this WINTER SOLSTICE period, there are some powerful astrological formations that are there to help. 

This is particularly so for the practical magic of PRAYER and the mind/spirit connection. Also for the practical magic of man creating new forms for harnessing the sun and earth's energy for power, transport & communications. 
And so, regarding the Winter Solstice for  SE QLD and NE NSW Australia 2009:-

Try to get up early in the morning of the WINTER SOLSTICE, and see JUPITER near the the midheaven (up high in the sky, slightly to the north). 
NEPTUNE and CHIRON are close by to Jupiter, but not seen by the naked eye.

You will also see, in the dark just before sunrise, on the 21st June 2009:-
VENUS and MARS together in the eastern sky (slightly north east - but well above the horizon), with MERCURY rising in the east, below them.*

*The MOON will also be there, very close to Mercury, heading towards it's "DARK" (almost two days after the Solstice, it will be the Dark of the Moon)). 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clearing the habit of Habitat Clearing

HABITAT CLEARING : search Results for at bluecray.org search
HABITAT LOSS : search results at bluecray Regional Environmental News - Mt Warning Caldera Region

H - for humanity, its history and its law
A - for Aborigines and their ancestors before
B - biodiversity - to me it spells out "FREE"
i - for the little guy - that means you and me
T - for the teacher that leads us through the land
A - for AUSTRALIANS that learn to understand
T the Trust of wildlife friends living hand in hand

C is for cutting and clearing their land, taking their bedding, dispersing their clan
L is for larsony, looting and lost
E is for Everything in rubbish piles tossed
A is for Arid Lands' creep from the west, and
R is remorse for failing this test
i is the little guy - that means you and me
N is right NOW. Wake up!!! LOOK and SEE!!!!
G is for Global, Gaia, God, Gift and Ground

Gracious abundance for many times round!!

HABITAT (wikipedia)
habitat relates to the technical terms (1762) in latin texts of flora and fauna; dwelling places and to hold and possess
VEGETATION LOSS (Vegetation Clearance: Position Statement by The Ecological Society of Australia)
Clear - Latin clarus - bright, clear, manifest, distinct, with later meanings of "free from encumberance (nautical) and land cleared of wood is from 1683.

Some commonly sustained myths exist, even today.
  • to support high production quick yeilding monoculture
  • to exploit any remaining habitat or vegetation community, when surrounding lands are already under stress/severe stress
  • to clear, then clear again, then again until little seedbank is left within the locality or region
  • to alter water courses and flows by many small ways or larger ways through development, infrastructure and agricultural means
These things, and many more, are sympomatic of large components of Australian Society in the last two hundred years or so. These things are well entrenched in many of our memories, daily practices, belief systems and national image.

"Land & Water Stewardship: Rescuing Remnants "
"Our Coastal Zone, Engineering for Climate Change and our childrens’ future"
"Phantom Koala and Part 3A of the NSW Planning Law"
"Endangered ecological community and Kings Forest Development, Tweed Coast, NE NSW."
"Habitat" search results at this blog (Journey for Wisdom in the Land)

Vast coastal developments stripped bare of any remaining vegetation and machined, ploughed up, dug into, reshaped and recontoured causing vast upheaval for vast numbers of animals, vegetation communities and water catchment ecosystems.
Salted water tables, acid sulphate soils exposure. Roadside, watercourses and other corridors continually, little by little, being cleared and stripped or sprayed.
This is what habitat clearance is. This is what habitat destruction is.

And until sustainable development is clearly understood in our urban / rural mythologies and self image, then we are all a little in the dark before that dawn when everything becomes a little clearer!

There is plenty of land and water, in the world for everyone to share. There is abundance of food and crops and animals all over the world, and if everyone shared, then very few would starve.

I have just been looking at some of my website stats, and it seems that quite
a few visitors to bluecray.org find it via the search term "habitat
clearing". Hence this article on habitat clearing.