Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wisdom in the Land

Hi, and WELCOME to the bluecray blog !
Bluecray's are a wonderful Crayfish that live in a variety of environments about the planet. There are quite a few different species of Crayfish in the Mt Warning Caldera Region, NE New South Wales, Australia. 

Bluecrays love clean water and a healthy, biodiverse habitat to live in (although the Yabby Cherax destructor  tolerates poor water conditions to compliment it's drought survival capacities).  Scientists are still learning about Bluecrays - where and how they live, and what they do in their lives. 

To me, bluecrays stand for being little protectors of the beautiful environment of the Mt Warning Caldera streams and Catchments. To me, they are a TOTEM, to be cared for. To others, they are food. To some people, they are pets and for others, they are an inspiration for art.

This bluecray blog is primarily about protection of habitats. I would like to use this blog as a platform to inspire others to  work and live together as individuals and/or groups,  to regain respect for the earth, and rediscover the true meaning of land custodianship and stewardship.
I call this approach "Wisdom in the Land".