Saturday, May 16, 2009

Violets, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron

Tonight, in Byron Bay, Australia on 16th May 2009 at 10.50pm(AEST), the waning Moon will rise, followed shortly after by **Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in conjunction.  
By midnight (AEST), these heavenly bodies will all be above the horizon, in the eastern sky. If you were to stand at the Eastern most tip of Australia, at Byron Bay, you would see the Moon rise first, then not long after, bright Jupiter will rise. 
** Neptune and Chiron are not visible to the naked eyes, but trust me, they are all conjunct at this time (appear together) in the sky, at almost the same longitude. 
Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon are also very close (17th May 2009), by their declination. (approximately 15 degrees south of the celestial equator).

Tomorrow night, (Sunday 17th May 2009),  at about 11.30 AEST, these bodies will rise in the Eastern sky again, but this time, the MOON will rise just after Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron.  
THIS heavenly configuration will ALSO occur again, in one month - on 13th June 2009, just after 9.30pm (AEST)
Just before the WINTER SOLSTICE  
**This conjunction is a rare event. Occurring last time, in September of 1945, this conjunction, in 2009, will be a longer conjunction, and last until the end of the year. This means that the MOON will pass by Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron each month, in conjunction, until the end of the year. 
The Sun is heading towards the winter solstice, with the DARK of the MOON occurring (AEST ) on 23rd of June 2009, about two hours before dawn, through to almost sunrise.
This is a powerful time, for alignment of many of the  things, that these solar system bodies represent.
Let's have a look at what these "planets" represent.
Firstly the Sun:
Your individuality, essence, the vital forces in life. The positive , masculine forces of life.
The Moon?
Your emotional centre, the rythm of earthly life, the nurturing energies and our feminine receptive sides.
Jupiter is about knowledge, expansion and management of that knowledge, philosophical boundaries and widening of horizons. Great luck, both "ill" and "good", are associated with Jupiter. Jupiter will take you on a journey to your higher mind.
Neptune aligns, in life, with matters of faith, inspiration and vision, serving to the whole, secretive associations, multiplicity and subconscious activites. Neptune rules the great age of Pisces, that has occurred during the past 2000 years. Neptune rules alcohol, oil, narcotics, death process and sleep.
Chiron is associated with healing and journeys through spiritual discovery, in the earthly realm. Part of Chiron appears to be about learning to be human. Taking all the inherited human failings and abilities, and learning how to apply spirit, to assist soul transformation, in our earthly states.
Chiron, is in part, a teacher, and a healer. Often that part within us, that is waiting to be heard, as a small courageous voice, constantly reminding you to "grow beyond", "get over" learn that lesson", change that habit".
Now, all of these planets - the Sun (SPIRIT) ; the Moon (emotion); Jupiter (expansive knowledge); Neptune (spiritual vision and faith); Chiron (our inner healings) are forming a harmonious trine, at the end of the air signs - Aquarius and Gemini, over the coming month.
This helps us get our little "thinking caps"on, and apply ourselves with some ease. Mysterious providence prevails, lost opportunities are glimpsed, possibilities abound, and some chaos can be found. 
However, prevailing over all of this is the symbolic Masculine (creative) becoming less and less, toward the point of the Winter solstice.   The Dark of the Moon coinciding with it, veils the symbolic femine (receptive).  
This can be a deeply pivotal point -  of change, life and death - at this time.   Harmonious flowing of Vision, Knowledge and Healing come with this HEAVENLY configuration and the stories it releases.
This coming month has endless possibilties for re-writing old ways, faith-testing moments of luck, institutional fortitude and some fantastic opportunities for "natural magic".
The monthly moon cycle, as it decays into the dark of the moon, this month, will do one more round, of the earth, and then? It's WINTER SOLSTICE
waiting for symbolic rebirth
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