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The Dimension of TIME and the MATRIX / WEB of TIME therein - ANARCHY and ART - a story of innocence, power and the WATCHERS.

THIS IS A STORY about before the GREAT WEB OF TIME - a myth that blends the ancient archetypal gods and energies, the "matrix" therein, the "FATES", and one innocent human - Marthaa Damuse.

the above poem - on a butterfly's back, is about the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL - another WATCHER (one of FOUR WATCHERS)

Some of the names/gods in this myth have varying roles. As with mythological stories, throughout history: Many interlink, some are confusing and interchangeable stories. There is artistic licence in the following story, however, the essence, has always been the same

  • Long before TIME began, Ouranus the Sky god (and son of CHAOS - who was fathered by CHRONOS - the great "father of time") mated with Gaia, the earth goddess.
  • The ensuing daughter was called RHEA. RHEA, in turn, had a child called ZEUS, fathered by Cronus.
  • When Zeus became all powerful over EARTH, his mother, Rhea had a disagreement with him, resulting in a BARGAIN. The bargain was this:- that the EARTH would be the domain of ZEUS, which he would RULE OVER, and that a small ISLAND would be the domain of RHEA.
  • It was on this island, where RHEA lived and ruled completely, that the MUSES also lived.
  • Living with the MUSES, were some mortal beings. These mortal beings dwelt in the gardens of Rhea's beautiful and peaceful island, where they learnt from ,and were instructed in, the crafts of all the MUSES.
  • One such human that lived on the Isand of Rhea, was called MARTHAA (MARTHAA DAMUSE)

AND now my story begins.

In the HALLS of ELYSIUM, the great gods celebrated the wresting of the world from GAIA and RHEA. The Greatest god of all these gods - ZEUS - had finally attained everything he desired, and at such a small cost - only one tiny island did he lose, in this BARGAIN with his Mother, RHEA. This was the Island of the MUSES - RHEA's ISLE.

As the gods celebrated in their GREAT HALL, they congratulated ZEUS for his mastery of the world.
And as they all feasted, ZEUS withdrew, to ponder his greatness.
WAS there nothing more that he could control?
His insatiable desire for power had increased dramatically, now that he had gained domain over the world. WHAT MORE COULD HE DO?

Deep in thought, and IDEA came to him. HE DECIDED TO outdo all the gods before him, once and for all. Zeus was going to prove his greatness throughout eternity and beyond.
The IDEA came to him in a lightning flash. - HE WOULD CREATE the FABRIC of TIME! A Great WEB, that would give him power over TIME, the domain of his ancestor CHRONOS.

A great WEB, that all of the immortal gods and mortal beings would be in awe of. And by this WEB of TIME, ZEUS thought "I CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING IN CREATION ITSELF, and even beyond"

And so ZEUS , in close consultation with the other gods, prepared to create the WEB OF TIME. THIS was to be his masterpiece. This would deliver him eternal power. A power greater than that of even CHRONOS. ZEUS was finally going to outdo his father, his mother, his children and all of the GODS.
AND so, with his mind fixed on GLORY, and with the help of the other gods, the WEB of TIME was CREATED.

Now, while this was all going on, in the HALLS OF ELYSIUM, unbeknown to ZEUS, the FATES WATCHED ON.
And Clotho, the first FATE, spun her thread of cotton onto her SPINDLE.

Meanwhil, on RHEA's small island, the MUSES sang, danced, told stories, and painted. They sculptured, carved, harmonised and beat their beautiful drums, that they had taught the humans ( mortals of the island) to make. The harmony and love that was on the isand grew and grew. The humans that lived on the island all became well versed in the ARTS. MARTHAA DAMUSE, was one of the mortals, that became well versed in these harmonious arts.

"I HAVE CREATED THE GREATEST OF ALL CREATIONS" boomed the great god ZEUS. BE in fear and awe, my fellow gods. THIS WEB OF TIME defines my GREATNESS.
THE other gods, in the Elysium Hall admired him, feared him, congratulated him, and asked, in curiousity, "but how will it work? What IS this WEB of TIME?"
Zeus replied - "MY WEB of TIME - it is MY controlling and all encompassing POWER. IT is the power to control everything. EVERYTHING!!!"
The other gods were all speechless. They could hardly wait to see this WEB of TIME work.


Now,while ZEUS and his fellow gods celebrated, Hermes had been taking some time out, to fly about the world, in discovery of new things. The world was a constant source of inspiration to his MIND, and his curiousity was insatiable. He flew to the fartherest corners of the WORLD. With wings outspread, Hermes began to hear music on the WIND. Flying towards its source, he hovered over the ISLE of RHEA. .

Little did Hermes realise that the FATES had led him there - to the Island of the Muses.
And Lachesis measured the thread with her ROD.

As HERMES flew above the Island, he spied down below, a most intriguing mortal. She was dancing and singing in a RAINBOW, as the other mortals and the MUSES drummed and chanted, in perfect HARMONY.

HERMES became instantly enchanted by the mortal's ARTISTRY, and flew down, taking her into his ARMS, and carrying her away, before any of the Muses could stop him. He flew high into the SKY, with the human - Marthaa Damuse - and she clung to him, singing her beautiful songs.

Carrying Marthaa back to the HALLS of ELYSIUM, Hermes landed, in front of ZEUS, saying - "behold this mortal - such a thing of interest to me - I wish to keep her here, to find out what makes her sing and dance so." ZEUS replied, "of course - this mortal is nothing. Do with her, what you wish"
..... and then THE GREAT IDEA CAME!

"WAIT! demanded ZEUS "HERMES, before you take her to your home, let us all have her here, in the HALLS of ELYSIUM, where I can show our fellow gods, how my WEB of TIME works."
Hermes agreed, knowing that Zeus was the all powerful, and submitted the mortal, Marthaa to ZEUS's scrutiny.

"COME here! Stand before me, Marthaa Damuse." commanded the great god. "You will witness first hand, as a mortal, before my fellow gods, the power that is MY creation - the WEB of TIME!!!"

Marthaa stepped forward, with a song in her heart, carrying the beautiful visions and memories of her Island Home. She had no fear.

The other gods, including Hermes, all gathered around to see.
ZEUS took his WEB of TIME, newly created and not yet seen fully by any of the other gods.

He held it out his huge arms, and then, with all his might UNFURLED it into the space before them. It spread quickly across the entire Halls of ELYSIUM.

As it spread out, wrapping about the HALLS, it quickly extended all about the entire WORLD.

It was extensive. Its FABRIC permeated all of existence.

IT was the final proof the ZEUS was the god of all gods.


The WEB OF TIME was so well built, that in its mathematical precision, unfoldeding before them all, the gods erupted into applause.

"Marthaa Damuse, mortal being" boomed Zeus "experience power that has never been before. GO into my WEB of TIME, and demonstrate my ultimate POWER, for I AM ZEUS"

Marthaa stepped forward, and into the RIGID WEB of TIME. She began to touch the powerful strands, as they encompassed her.
And as she touched the strands of time, she SANG. And then she began to dance. And she danced and sang her way further into the WEB'S structure. Marthaa touched the strands with her art, and her HARMONIES, born of the MUSES teachings. She touched, with her heart song, the FABRIC of TIME, that surrounded her.

And as she sang and danced, with her heart as her drum, her artistry began to dramatically change the GREAT WEB OF TIME. It began to unravel. It began to CHANGE. It began to be NOT WHAT ZEUS had made it

Further and further through the WEB, Marthaa Damuse danced and sang her artistry. More and more, the WEB OF TIME changed. It was becoming less and less how ZEUS had envisioned it would be. ZEUS howelled in horror, as he saw his greatest achievement turn to his greatest folly. Suddenly, Zeus's power WEB was gone, changed, out of his control. The other gods laughed at his downfall. Mostly, they laughed in joy, with MARTHAA DAMUSE.

Marthaa Damuse kept dancing and singing. With her creative HARMONIES the WEB of TIME seemed to respond, and change, and become something entirely different to what ZEUS desired. And the WEB of TIME became not what he thought it would be.

He realised that he did NOT have total control any more. He saw that his control had DIMINISHED, almost entirely. Suddenly everyone could see ZEUS clearly, and he seemed rather pathetic, old and weak. Those who had followed him, all saw him in a new light. The light that had been shone by the tiny spark of creation that was Marthaa Damuse

And Marthaa danced on, into the infinity of TIME and then beyond, to where true love welcomed her home. The pathetic Gods could no longer see her.
And, as for the gods - their world had changed forever more, their power taken from them as a lesson to those who would assume to wrest too much power from the CREATOR and the CREATOR's beautiful blue planet - the EARTH.

AND THE FATES WATCHED ON................

the beginning......
when the all powerful entities of earthly archtypal "gods" surpass themselves in their belief of grandeur,mastery and self absorbtion, at the expense of the EARTH and innocent beings , there has always been an overwatching failsafe. THE FATES:- THE over reaching, all encompassing CREATOR designed these failsafes to deal with the abuses by the "gods" upon the CREATOR, and the beautiful BLUE PLANET - EARTH.
The innocent one's who follow the creator's LAWS - (when the gods dared to surpass themselves, beyond what was in line with the CREATION STORY), shine a light on the abusers, and the watchers take action. This is a CREATION LAW PRINCIPAL.... harmony, arithmetic, geometry......

KODO : Spirit of TAIKO

Sunday, November 20, 2011

On a Butterfly's Back

This astrological chart shows NEPTUNE's position in November 2011 (21/11/2011), as it approaches PISCES, and the fixed star FOMALHAUT

on a butterfly's back
in a dream i fly
over fields of green
through clear blue sky

with wings of warning
and faceted stare

my flight of freedom
takes me everywhere

i fly over mountains
past coastlines steep

my journey eternal
sweet peace of sleep

WE gather together
with butterfly soul

the Archangel Gabriel
into our fold

we fly yet still farther
to hidden boardrooms
where mysterious fathers
of earth's pressing doom

nod heads and collude
out of sight from the crowd

Then Gabriel's sword
smites the air - oh so loud

the boardroom it shakes
Walls crash in a shroud

NOW Gabriel laughs
as my butterly's wings
take me higher above
where the great Watchers sing

the innocent, tortured, starving, the mad
stare past fallen walls
to see what is had

FOUR bundles of sticks
lie still on the floor
Vanguard, BlackRock, FMR, State Street** Corp

a little child watching
In Gabriel's arms
climbs down, and walks over to peer at the ground

She picks up the bundles, but they all turn to dust
flowers and rainbows rise out of their must

the birds of the air, and small creatures of earth
that were trapped by the 4 are given NEW BIRTH

the above is a poem by Taiko, to remind us that we are not alone, in these times of uncertainty.
** the corps(e) names are many regarding collusion to harm the earth/oppression of the innocent majority/bullying. The number FOUR is symbolic. 4 can mean both growth and oppression. The idea of the above poem is to remind us, that with divine action based on peace, inner transformation and awareness (& elevated mass consciousness), the binding by colluding powerful hidden people and corporate machiavellian activities, can be turned about.

The Movement of occupy wall street is a collective consciousness anarchistic movement, that has sprung up from a collective groundswell. Many dedicated workers are trying to keep the movement in PEACE, SELF RESPONSIBILITY and Self Empowerment. It is a movement of Anarchy, and if anarchy is conducted with love and peace at it's helm, then the voyage ends more quickly and more successfully for future outcomes. Justice is at the heart of this movement. Justice for fairness and openness. Justice (economic and social)for the majority of Humans that occupy the WORLD.

The collective consciousness of the world has had enough - millions of "last straws" are being laid out as I speak. This Occupy Movement is the tip of the iceberg. It is a mainstream movement. All types of people make up the world. This is the beauty and the terror of the HUMAN WORLD.
Human Oppressions stem from the opportunistic nature that is the human form. The natural ecosystems, beautiful Wildlife, innocent souls - these things are all INTERCONNECTED.
OUR heartbeats are the drums that play the tune. The tune is changing.
  • Treatment of COMPLEX POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER - what many millions of people in the world are now experiencing, due to WAR, NATURAL AND MAN MADE DISASTERS and individual experiences of continual abuse and harm. (
  • - " Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD symptoms, survivor guilt and trauma caused by bullying, harassment, abuse and abusive life experiencesWhat is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?How do I recognise the symptoms of PTSD? How do I recover from PTSD?
  • "Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva"- Lord Ganesh Aarti - a beautiful song about an archetypal "being". To me, this is not GOD, and I do not wish to offend those who have deep Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, or indeed any other deep spiritual connection through to god, via their cultural position. We are all God's Children, and we all sing the same song, but with different word, and different music. It is when we go off the path of Gods WAY, that we come unstuck, and lose our soul and spirit. GOD is always there to lend a helping hand - we only need to reach out. There are some amongst us, though, the minority power elite, who have begun to think of themselves as GODS. These powerful elite continually break GODS LAWS, often with intent. I have seen the justice of GOD, work here on earth, and in the spirit world. GOD's LAW is the TRUTH. NATURAL LAW - the LAW of the GARDEN - is directly connected to GOD. Many of MANS LAWS are a disgrace, as they actively break GOD's LAW and Natural LAW. The Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, they watchover us, as God dreams. They tell God what has happened, while he has rested. They are the ones who have battle entrusted to them. TRUST in these WATCHERS - the great watchers of the North, South, East and West
  • Albebaran - Michael - watcher of the EAST; Fomalhaut - Gabriel - watcher of the SOUTH; Regulus - Raphael - watcher of the NORTH and Antares - Uriel - watcher of the WEST. These are the four ( - Eric Morse - "The Living Stars" Publisher:Amethyst Books, 1989. ISBN0944256023, 9780944256022
  • I believe that is is best to POINT out the transgressions, let the WATCHERS do their work, and hand all of it over to GOD, then just get on with actively healing yourself and taking responsibility for your own actions and helping others who need help, due to their situation and innocence. You may think otherwise. If you are not hurting me, then I do not have a problem with it.

Human Nature, when faced with destruction, comes out fighting, flees or freezes (and submits and dissembles). These are deeply primitive human urges for survival.
These urges can either serve us, or destroy us.
There are many forms of destruction, ranging from individual self destruction (self harm) to mass destruction (extinction).

Healing is also a VASTE DOMAIN of HUMAN NATURE, as is empathy and compassion.
There are many forms of healing, ranging from individual healing and self responsibility to MASS HEALING (helping others, taking responsibility for others).

Humankind has collectively played out many form of destructive behaviours. When the destructive behaviours become complex, and perpetual, a new paradigm emerges - that of SPIRIT and Mass Consciousness ELEVATION.
Small things that we, as individuals, do in our lives, become very powerful, when collectively expressed.
The mainstream approach of the powerful elite towards the mindless, unconscious (albeit caring) masses have been somatising, repressing by drugging and fostered by addictions.

The building of industrial / technological cities, supression of knowledge within wisdom frameworks, and uneven distribution of wealth have been driving a machine type existence for many humans of the world. Whilst machines, technology, industry, growth and ungodly knowledge give us many advantages in life, it is usually at the expense of other less fortunate beings.

This current (2011) playing out of events has its roots in thousands of years of human archetypal patterning. Not all human populations have evolved the same way. There is, however a concentration and pattern that has emerged. Certain historical families, cults, certain processes and systems, certain earthly "LORDS" have gained opportunistic, inherited power that has become highly abusive, cruel and ungodly.

This is the ugly side of humanity, becoming clear for all to see.
WE LIVE IN A DICHOTOMOUS CONDITION, in this earthly plane. A truth to one, is perceived as a non truth to another. What elevates us is compassion and love, tolerance and WISDOM.
Self responsibility is the way forward, especially if it is done in the light that God always has shining for us, in our hearts. There are, however, some very dark, hidden agendas afoot. When the WATCHERS - Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Michael - take action, instead of merely WATCHING, the butterfly takes wing, and great changes take place.

and finally, , a touch of heaven on earth, by Louis Armstrong:-

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Koala Poem magic and heaven's door


said the "Powerful" moneybag...........

Peaceful koala asleep in your tree
can you find a new home?
'cos I want this for ME!
My smart homes of luxury,
devices and cars
Can you find a new place please?
we're beginning to tar
the roads to our golf courses, shops and afar
dear Koala, please move
'cos I want this for me!

Iconic koala, so high in your tree
can you find a new home, cos your home pleases ME!
I know that since owning your home many years
my promise to plant more has gone in arrears
But my bank balance thins, and development's slow
so dearest Koala - could you please go?
My token tree plantings show ALL that I care
My bulldozer mates made a nursery with flair
cleared ground, sterile landscape, is full of gum trees
waiting to plant out in near coming years

so, Koala please go
'cos I want this for ME!

Maaate, Koala, climbing slowly, to tree top so high
could you please come down quickly, my bulldozer's nigh
My authority's sanctioned, I've owned this land years
So Koala, please come down, and please disappear

Hey Koala, dear icon, I've found a great zoo
I can put you in bars, charge a fortune to view
Now my lots are all ready, the buyers are here
So Koala, please answer - you've nothing to fear

I see that you're ill, fevered, trembling and scarred
relocators are here, so don't make this hard
How can you stay, when I've planned all my life
to get rich from your home. Stop giving ME strife!

Koala in MY tree, My lots worth much more
Please come down, I promise to plant trees - lots more
I promise, I will, though I know it takes time
my bank balance dwindles - it's no longer PRIME
I need this development to help me spend more
on energy rich lifestyle that opens the door
To boys' clubs, and honour, as I sponsor the host
to gaming, recreation, shopping centres and most
of the god given pleasures that make me prestige
I'm rich, and your poor - you're out of my league

So Koala, marsupial, dwindling here
I've made millions from your home - and much more through next year
yes, Koala, I ignore that your sick, threatened, ill
cos this home is ALL MINE and the money's a thrill

I'm hidden from scrutiny, my buddies back all
I've invested in infrastructures, parks and a mall
So, Koala - please leave here, and live by the road
While I wait at heaven's gate, with my life soul's great load

Oh koala - what's this, you've escaped - now you're here
In god's arms, oh so peaceful now 'tis i have the fear
And god's angels tell me, the gate here is closed
and my goods and great doings are ALL now MY LOAD
Dear god, can I pay you, my hotels, and shops,
my real estate legacies - though they're all at a stop
But I promise, the trees, that I never got round
to planting - well, god, can I offer bare ground?

I see that the gates to the heavens stay shut
Oh god, please tell me why, I am in purgatory's rut?
My chattels and cargo, are heavy and bleak,
I am grand! I WANT heaven! what's that? I'm not meek?

said the Koala......
w'ell you were warned, Maaaate

and now, for some philosophy.........................

The idea that God is a just yet awesomely terrifying entity is entwined in many religions and
spiritual beliefs.
God's creation is all about us. We were given the keys to the car, so to speak, when we (humanity) grew to the stage of KNOWLEDGE of ourselves, and awareness of others in more than just our primative cognitive abilities.
We grew into this knowledge for reasons only "known to god". I will not presume to understand
the planning and reasoning behind this. If, indeed, there IS any!
It is enough to say that Universal and Cosmic laws may hold the key to some understanding of why humans experience their sentience and self awareness, their knowledge and intentionality.
If you are an atheist or an agnostic, bear with me.

I have spent much of my life living in existential lifestyle and thinking. For many years, I felt that all there was was what was HERE, in the NOW. History evolution lead us to this point, and our actions and thoughts would take us beyond this point. To me, for many years, there was no over-riding "god force/entity", there was just EXISTENCE - albeit on many levels.

You can either believe in god, or not believe. Other than that, you may be undecided.
Some of you may even fit into another category of belief system that does not fit into these three.
Hats off to all of you. WHY?
Because it is HOW you live, that determines your life. Whether you believe in god or not,
or are undecided - WHATEVER - it is HOW you live your life that determines your overall reality. And.....
HOW YOU LIVE often determines (directly/indirectly) the reality for others on this planet.
(I include all living and non living things on the planet here, as it has become known,
by scientific lessons, that everything on this beautiful blue planet is inter-related
to some degree.)
And now, back to God.

Stories and myths about God and gods/goddesses- great spirits abound. Some are ancient, some were born just moments ago, as I write this. God, and man's concepts of God are an ever evolving process.
The older, more deeply primitive and magical gods as well as the more modern gods and GOD hold power. Power in our collective human psyches, in a way that we still cannot accurately describe.
Poems, songs - these things, and art in general, have a greater ability to explain these things, than intricate scientific and metaphysical writings.
God, in its awesome revelation, is evolving as I speak.
God's law stands over us - above, below, beside and through us all. Beneath that law of god stands natural law.
Natural law is above , below and through us, and we, as humans, have transgressed both God's law, and natural law.

We break, bend and rewrite God's LAW everyday we knowingly (in knowledge) kill, steal, cheat, lie, transgress over those who are unable to defend themselves.. The list is endless. Humans have eveloved (oops -sorry - EVOLVED) new ways of transgressing God and natural laws, and we now do it daily.
Spirit, from God, or the divine entity that is creation and the creator process, has come to
earth and known itself, through human sentience, self awareness, knowledge and wisdom.

Awareness of God, the spirit, the "son" /"daughter"of god that is in all of us, is a largely undefineable, non scientifically verifiable "thing".
Many different peoples and individuals, have their own unique awareness.
Their perceptions, their cultural background, their desires, needs, their mental/emotional/physical states -these things create "filters" that help us as individuals and groups (clans, cults, communities etc) recognise certain moral and human / animal instinct survival decisions.

I will now explain something rather unusual in my life, that I have not really come across
in many others' lives. You may say that it is delusional, mis - informed, ego-based, naive, new age
- whatever. That is your perceptive stance, and you are well entitled to your stance.

Your thinking, your belief system - if it isn't hurting me, then, I have no quarrel with it.

I see Angels. I see Spirits. I see beyond "time" and I know my place in the spirit of things.
I align myself with God, and can see some very disturbing and saddening events in this world today, which will eventually lead those who travel with the "destructor" to a place that I will not go, and chose NOT to go to.
Many - many, many times in my life, I have become aquainted with what many may call "dark and tormented" souls.
People who perpetually kill, steal, lie, torture. Some practice these actions - or, for the lack of a
better word " dark arts" - knowingly.
Others have come from such a tormented background themselves, that they are clinically psychotic, in such a way, that they habitually see nothing wrong with the actions that they continually take. Some of us, seeing the wrong that we have done, act out and intentionally accept our remorse, find LOVE, and come back to divine ways - albeit it still in our ridiculously wretched human way...
Some of these people are in the borderline area - close to the "light" of God and LOVE, but too immersed in their moment to be courageous enough to travel - in an instant- into God's arms and, what the more religious of us, may call salvation.
How audacious of me to re-write my own version of what is good, what is bad.... how dare I judge?
I try NOT to judge - and when I do, I find that it is a quick spoken word or thought that I quickly try to be aware of, and then reflect upon. There are differing types of "judgements". God's Judgement is the greatest that I know of. I have seen it in action. God's judgement travels through the world quickly, and thoroughly.
God's judgement surpasses man's little courts and legal procedure by eons, by universes, by more than the greatest minds alive and dead, combined, can conceive. My ego sometimes wants a fight - to transgress across others paths and stop them.
That is my ego - battling for a place in existence - MY EXISTENCE. However, the blue planet,
that we all call home, is now reaching a most abysmal scenario -soon, the population figures
will no longer be rising. They will beign to fall. They may fall sharply. They may dwindle to nil. When the global population begins to fall, then we will know that we are, collectively, on the way out.
Heaven help us then.

These times, upon us now, are largely ignored by our leaders, the egos, the evil folk,
who are hell bent on delivering themselves to hellish ways.
Those who see the "light" - they ultimately are ok. Time, in this little planet of ours,
is short - very short - in the cosmic grandeur that is existence.
You are smaller than you think. You are, indeed, NOT WHAT YOU THINK.
After your life, before your life, and during your life - are other things - all not what you think they are.
We paint the scenarios of a beautiful heaven, a ghastly fiery hell, with our human emotions,
thoughts and experiences.
Heaven and hell are human terms.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Myths for a Modern Age Part 4

Thinking and Storytelling go hand in hand, and I have just been reading Can do Better's posting and subsequent comments for the article "The Six Cluster of Denial - Death by Storytelling" (posted August 18th 2010 by Tim).

The article and responses give wonderful insights into humanitys' historical cognitative "smoke and mirrors" mythologies. These articles are worth reading. You do not necessarily have to agree with them, but give your brain a walk in the unfamiliar path of human patterned historical thought, and associated "norms", without all your pre-conceived human "conditionings".

The articles are well worth the read, and offer substantial food for thought, in a world of story telling gone mad...... tread lightly my friends.
Madison Waters
Bioenergy gone mad: the above photo is of HABITAT DESTRUCTION by the CONDONG MILL, Sunshine Electricity, TWEED SHIRE COUNCIL approved BIOENERGY program. (August 2010 - Upper Burringbar, NE NSW.)
Camphor Laurel Strategy - Far North Coast Weeds - at bluecray environmental search engine
Endangered species habitat destroyed in the name of "clean fuel" - Camphor Laurels and old dead tree trunks (see the white trunks on LHS of photo?) - they look dead to me - are removed, via about 5 bulldozers, large mulching machinery, many cars, semi trailers of Camphor Laurel sawdust - operating about ten hours per day, 61/2 days per week. The National Parks and Wildlife service has been told that the Rufous Bettongs live in this area, and yet, the bioenergy people have come in and decimated the habitat. This "bioenergy" is one of the biggest myths in our current age. Better to use less, buy less, destroy less, and tread lightly.

converting stands of camphor laurel to rainforest
- if you want to read some more

"Weeds, Biodiversity and Australia's Land and Water Stewardship Practices" - article by Al for

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ASAD, Syrma - Al Ghafar and the transiting Sun in early Scorpio, October 25th 2009

The Sun is about to transit the Fixed Star Syrma,(at approx. 4 degrees Scorpio). It is currently reaching the approaching conjunction as I write this. This fixed star is in the constellation Virgo, and also holds place in the greater Ancient Astrological presence (Arabian/Persian astrology)- ASAD, the great LION, who is a most wonderful guardian of the ancient heavens and life on earth.

Regarding Syrma - forming part of the arabic 13th Moon Mansion:-
  • [The Persian astronomer Al Biruni (973-1048 A.D.) said that the Arabs considered this the most fortunate of their lunar stations, as lying between the evils of the Lion's teeth and claws on one side and the tail and venom of the Scorpion on the other, and quoted from a Rajaz poet: "The best night forever Lies between Al Zubanah and Al Asad;"] - from Constellationsofwords by Anne Wright.
Astrology chart for 25th October 2009 (Byron Bay, Australia)

On the 28th October, 2009, the Sun will transiting 4-5 degrees Scorpio, and the Moon will pass over the last degrees of Aquarius and first degrees of Pisces. This is a great time to prepare for the later CONJUNCTION of JUPITER and NEPTUNE (23-26 degrees Aquarius) over the 2009 Christmas period.
The later degrees of Aquarius, in the Zodiac have symbols connected with butterflies, violets and recharging of the spirit.

The fixed star, Khambalia - lambda in Virgo (at approx 6 degrees Scorpio*), is also soon on the "visit" list by the Sun (end of Oct. 2009), as it transits through the celestial sphere. This is a great time for penetration of secrets. And so, if something needs to be unearthed, or indeed exposed for what it really is ie. getting to the truth of the matter...... the next few days can be extremely useful.... just take care that you stay in "the light" as you search about!

And so, looking even further ahead into the Astrology of December 2009?

When this conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron (approx 23-26 degrees Aquarius) occurs at the end of December, Mars at 19 degrees LEO Dec 28th 2009) will be opposite these three heavenly bodies. And whilst Ursa Major is far from Mars by declination, there will be correspondence between the two, via the fixed stars - Tania Borealis and Merak.

Mars will also have connections, late December with Ras Elasid Australis (Algenubi or Epsilon - LEO). Some cruelty, on the part of Authority and those of heartless disposition may be afoot.

And a final note - the world IS a beautiful place when LOVE is in our hearts, and whilst the hard-arsed devils of humanity's archtypal "monsters" appear to be on the loose, and somewhat hell bent on planetary destruction, the word of LOVE, when pressed to the wind will gather great force over the coming months. And Mass Consciousness is on the move in a way that it has not been for tens of thousands of years.
  • If you find that the "ghouls" are about, try Stuart Wilde's website and purchase the Gayatri Mantra - it is a short, concise and beautiful MANTRA for banishing "ghouls" and "Honouring the Gods"
*see precession of equinoxes & equinox .
precession of equinoxes at ancient egyptians and the constellations

... we are all just exchanging stories......... - for some history about modern astrology
A-Z of Astrological terms - a quick reference for terms that may be of use.
ASAD :- search results for ASAD at constellationsofwords

the above article has been written by Madison Waters for the bluecray Journey for Wisdom in the Land.

The Chart for October 25th 2009, above is from:- What Watch? - Version 3.3 Build 92 - © 1999, 2008 Robert Amlung - .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giri and the 22 Arrows of Truth - Myths for a Modern Age - Part 3

Once upon a time, high in the mountains beyond the mists of time there lived a hidden community of gifted beings.
One such gifted being was Giri.
Giri was an old monkey, blessed with magical insights, grey haired and of kind disposition.

Some years before this story is written,Giri's friends held a most excellent party.The Party was to celebrate Giri's Birthday. One of the guests who came to the party was a Magician. The Magician was now retired, but had once ruled the Fates of Time. Also attending were Giri's friends the Rat, (Giri's dearest friend), as well as all the other beings who lived up high in the misty mountains near Giri's home, including the Tiger, the OX and Dog.

The birthday party was a huge success,and Giri received some beautiful gifts. The Ox gave him a wonderful box of integrity chocolate, wrapped up in steadfastness and honour.The Dog gave him loyalty, and a most beautiful present it was! The Rat gave Giri a little pair of spectacles so that he may see into the darkest places, as he worked. And finally, when it was time for all the guests to leave, the ancient Magician handed Giri a square purple box, wrapped with a large yellow ribbon.
"This is for you, Giri", said the Magician. "I have kept this little present for you for many years, and now that you have become older, and your grey years are upon you, it is time that you received a little toy, to help you play, and re-awaken some of your childhood adventures again."

Giri expressed his deepest thanks to the Magician. Carefully he untied the long yellow ribbon, and opened up the purple box. There, inside, was a little metal wind up Rabbit. The Magician smiled saying, "The wonder of the Metal Rabbit toy is this, Giri. Before you go to sleep at night, wind up the tiny key at its back, then place it on the stand at your bedside. While you sleep, it will help to impart your dreams with some wonderful and intriguing adventures."

Giri thanked the Magician for the beautiful gift, and waving goodbye to all his friends, he settled in for the night, cosy and warm, by the fireplace.

Soon, as the day had been busy, sleep seemed to be the order of the evening. And while the owls and possums outside began to stir for the night, Giri readied himself for bed. Climbing under the warm covers, he spied the little Metal Rabbit, sitting by his bedside.
Giri reached out to the Metal Rabbit present and taking it up gently,he wound the tiny key at its back. The shining little Metal Rabbit began to hop around his bedside table with a quiet whir and slowly Giri began to close his eyes.
As he drifted into sleep he could feel himself being lured into a very different kind of dream state. Once in a deep hibernation the dream proceeded to take its hold………………..

Dark energy waited close by.

Giri, wings outstretched, lifted into the air. Flying high above the mountains he observed the goings on in a large clearing beside a forest.
Shovels worked and gardens were being tended. A Tiger walked amongst the thinning trees confidently watching for on coming enemies to devour. A White Rabbit burrowed around impatiently, whilst a Sage Rat enjoyed home making. Looking over through the bushes, Giri called to his friend the Sage Rat, who was busily sweeping out the kitchen. “Oh beautiful Rat, are you having a nice day?”

“Yes little Monkey, but my ears have been hurting me. I fear that things are not as they appear.”

The Tiger had vanished into the deep forest by now, and his glowing eyes were hidden from all except for the Rat, who could always see easily in the dark.

Quietly the White Rabbit loped up to the friends.
The White Rabbit had recently escaped from a mad hatter’s tea party full of screaming queens and smiling red haired cats. He was not feeling himself, and was trying to find peace in the garden that he was making. The White Rabbit offered tea, smiling in a benign manner. Tea went well and Giri left, a little unsettled, to go back to his home. “Strange dream” thought Giri.

As he departed the garden,night fell. The Tiger began to wail. The Tiger’s wails woke the little Rat, who had been resting and who began to despair that all was not really well.
Roaring and screaming, the Tiger’s glowing eyes became destruction.The Rat fled into the nearby forest as the Tiger’s claws lashed at her, snarling in his pain.Fleeing into the night,she cried “ Giri, Giri! Please use your magic! Help me!”

Suddenly, the Rat was far from the nightmare garden, and was sobbing under a tree as Giri ran to her side. “You poor dear, the night is full of fragmented fear and despair, you will be safe here.” The evening passed quietly at Giri’s home. The little Sage Rat recuperated well from her ordeal. As the days progressed, she became less nervous, finally venturing out to find her way in the world once more, knowing she would always be welcome to rest at her friend, Giri’s, place.

The dream was starting to disturb the Monkey’s sleep by now, and suddenly, he woke up with a fright. This was no dream!

There was the Rat. Beside the fire, still slightly sobbing in her sleep, after her run through the deep forest from the Tiger and Rabbit’s home that very evening……………………...Giri gradually realised that the Rat must not return to that beautiful wild garden where the White Rabbit and Tiger lived.

“Dear Rat, put this all behind you. For your health and sanity, prepare to leave and seek you fortune in the greater world. There is much love and joy out there for you”.

Later that day, the White Rabbit sought to ask Giri’s advice as a professional magician. He quietly came upon Giri in the market place, “Oh Monkey…have you seen my friend the Tiger, or……...perhaps….. The Rat??”

“ Rabbit, you are very clever within yourself. You must know where the Tiger and the Rat are. My time is precious and cannot be taken except for the good of the whole. Be careful what you ask for, Rabbit”
“Well, the Tiger says the Rat has put him under a spell, and I am not sure of how suitable the Rat is to be near the Tiger!” exclaimed the White Rabbit, sniffing tearfully, “I am so worried about them..... um.. both”

Giri patiently tried to help, quietly hoping for the White Rabbit to depart. Then,as soon as the White Rabbit was gone, he frantically searched for the Metal Dream Rabbit, wondering if a dream might provide answers that he was looking for. Giri pondered “Now where have you hopped to?” (and why was the White Rabbit beginning to look like the Metal Rabbit?)

It was all seeming a little like a bad dream again. Giri decided that he could understand more, by asking his Magician Guide. Calling into the high mountain peaks, Giri cried “Please wise friend, help me to unravel the intrigue of this nightmare. I suspect that the Metal Rabbit is controlling my dream. He is trivialising everyone for his own ends”

Suddenly, there was the retired Magician, standing beside Giri.
The Magician Guide said “That Metal Rabbit is asking too much of your good nature, and energy to take care of problems that he himself has caused. Getting rid of the Rat seems to be the undertone of this dream, Giri. You have helped get rid of the Rat, because she has continued in search of a better life. But that is only because you, Giri, sensed that the Rat had much more waiting for it,despite her great love for the Tiger."
(Giri had some time ago, suggested that his dear friend the Rat might be better off away from the little garden and homely life that she had tended for herself and the unhappy tiger.)

Meanwhile, the Rabbit is pestering you Giri, and feigns liking the Rat.
"But Giri, wake up!!!"
"Ask the Rabbit - Rabbit you seem to dislike the Rat, yet you seem to have much control of the unhappy tiger?- Do you notice the rabbit starts to back off, and is no longer friendly to you Giri?”

Giri wondered about this. His kindly magical powers had been enlisted. But used for selfish means? Giri had only ever wanted to help,but now it was looking like a power control trip on the part of that seemingly friendly Metal Rabbit.

Time progressed, the dream continued….. Giri began to fight for sanity as the dream changed again and again.
The selfish Metal Rabbit and the unbalanced Tiger, together with other mischievous animals of the dream state. They all began to overwhelm him with more confusing stories and ever increasing demands.

The retired Magician, by this time, had enough of the dreaming.
He announced “The dream state has been suspended, and all dreaming is halted until the Metal Rabbit stops trying to control the dream. It is disturbing the Spirit World!“

The Magician then gave the Rat 22 arrows of truth in a guilded case.
"Here Rat, shoot these 22 arrows using only love as the aim. The Rat shot off all 22 arrows, with the blessings from all Great Angels of the spirit World, and as each one fell, intrigue dropped from the Monkeys dream. Finally, Giri was able to surface into the real dawn.

Finally waking, Giri looked over to the Metal Rabbit, now back in its little purple box. The tiny wind up key was no longer there, at its back. The little present that had held the promise of many adventures was now just a metal figure of a rabbit, still and shining, but just an ornament.
Feeling sad that it had needed to control so much, Giri went out into his garden. In the morning light,he counted his blessings, then, continued whittling away at the long slender arrows . “21, 22. There, Rat! Now, we’ve just begun!"

Madison Waters 1.5.01

This is the updated second edition(18.10.2009) of this story.The first was written back in 2001, as a much shorter version, and only published in a small magazine (4,000 circulation in SE QLD).

The characters are based on real persons, but given a fictional/mythological context. The Monkey, Giri, still lives in the high mountains, surrounded by wise and loving friends. The Rat did indeed leave to see the world, and is happy in her own beautiful garden now, with a loving husband. The Ox and the Dog continue spreading their gifts of loyalty, integrity, steadfastness and honour. The unhappy Tiger died a sudden death, outside his home, (where he lived, under strict control by the Rabbit.)
The last time I saw the rabbit, he appeared to have become somewhat humbled, as the consequences of his life came upon him and his machiavellian ways.

The Tiger still visits me in spirit, and I always remember his deep love for the Rat, and how he wished to escape the Rabbit and spend his life with the Rat. It was, however,not meant to be. The Ox told me of his death, an hour after the tragedy and I had to break the news to the dear Rat, who was at the time, travelling the world.
The Rat and myself have a friendship that will last beyond time and space. The events have taught me, that no matter how devious the "political" entities, the "developer" consortiums and individual power players in the world are, time will always catch up with them, and their deeds are often watched on by "powers" greater than you and I can ever conceive.

The Magician is still retired, and enjoying a peaceful life. And the arrows of truth have all been released.
"Public Enemies" at ABC Landline Archives 25th October 2009 : a story about the Rabbit in Australia and its Environmental Cost.
Giri: a Japanese Indigenous concept .
GIRI : WIKI article GIRI : Japanese definition .
Machiavellianism at wikipedia

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Environmental Action and Activism - a simple perspective

In the scheme of things, action (Environmental Action and Activism) to change the world can come in three forms:-

* Identifying the critical issue, passively supporting change for the better in your heart, but recognising that beyond that, you can do little else, except heal your own inbalances and heart.

* Identifying the critical issues, actively supporting the change for the better and recognising that balance, focus and the "heart" and "energy" behind those actions are to be considered as foundations to those actions.

* Identifying the critical issue, understanding the passive and the active response, then going beyond. Going to and working with, the underlying issue that has caused the initial problem is in this category. Going to the spirit of things, addressing them in a way that can help cause a massive shift in mass consciousness awareneness, thus facilitating change without really becoming involved in the individual issue.

Native Black Bee, Australia

Tolerance, love, forgiveness, redemption and compassion are powerful tools when dealing with poor land management, inappropriate land custodianship and ignorant land stewardship. These things can open up doors that anger, misdirected ego and intolerance have previously held shut.

and now a poem......

Phantom Koala and the Goanna

"Dearest PK" asked Goanna wise
"why don't the Trees now reach to the Skies-
why is the Rain so late to fall?
I know many things but with these, I stall."

PK slowly shifted to see
who questioned him so from beneath his tree
"Why Goanna, you smarty, didn't you know
The government let them clear the trees, so....
The rain doesn't come, the wind blows hard
and everyone's mowing down their back yard
They've channelled the water away from the streams
and ruined the chance of our childrens' dreams."

This disturbed the Goanna who said, "But PK, surely not everyone acts in this way?"
Well, PK just laughed and pulled at some leaves
"It's what's in ones heart - that's what to believe
Does it make sense to kill? does it make sense to steal?
Does it make sense to eat much much more than your meal?"
"Well, that is what they do - the clearers of land, they kill all the trees and they make out they're grand. Then they take all the water and pump it away
and they tell us that industries show us the way.
They hop on their jet stream and swan round the world
praising themselves with their grand flags unfurled
saying 'We have the answer - we are the best'
(though to you and me both - we know they're the pest)."
Goanna thought deeply on PK's last words and dreamily saw that it was quite absurd
"So why do they panic and call each day drought, why do the leaders still hold so much clout?"
"Oh Goanna! Dear friend, you wise brave old soul
because they can't see from their justified hole. They've dug down so deeply, their egos as spades - that the only thing left between them and the hades-

is redemption and love. We must give them a hand, to clamber back up and to save our sweet land"

The above article is taken from a lengthier one that I have written on the website. For more about the plight of Australian Koalas in this region, you can try bluecray's environmental search engine .

Koala Populations and their Habitats are falling sharply along the central east coast of Australia, where Urbanisation and unsustainable development practices have been the norm for many decades. Habitat clearing is one of the biggest threats currently facing Koalas. Despite the dedicated work by Koala carers and Koala advocates, the Koala is not listed as a threatened species by the Australian Government for this Region, although the NSW & QLD Governments have the Koala listed as a threatened species in these bioregions.