Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Koala Poem magic and heaven's door


said the "Powerful" moneybag...........

Peaceful koala asleep in your tree
can you find a new home?
'cos I want this for ME!
My smart homes of luxury,
devices and cars
Can you find a new place please?
we're beginning to tar
the roads to our golf courses, shops and afar
dear Koala, please move
'cos I want this for me!

Iconic koala, so high in your tree
can you find a new home, cos your home pleases ME!
I know that since owning your home many years
my promise to plant more has gone in arrears
But my bank balance thins, and development's slow
so dearest Koala - could you please go?
My token tree plantings show ALL that I care
My bulldozer mates made a nursery with flair
cleared ground, sterile landscape, is full of gum trees
waiting to plant out in near coming years

so, Koala please go
'cos I want this for ME!

Maaate, Koala, climbing slowly, to tree top so high
could you please come down quickly, my bulldozer's nigh
My authority's sanctioned, I've owned this land years
So Koala, please come down, and please disappear

Hey Koala, dear icon, I've found a great zoo
I can put you in bars, charge a fortune to view
Now my lots are all ready, the buyers are here
So Koala, please answer - you've nothing to fear

I see that you're ill, fevered, trembling and scarred
relocators are here, so don't make this hard
How can you stay, when I've planned all my life
to get rich from your home. Stop giving ME strife!

Koala in MY tree, My lots worth much more
Please come down, I promise to plant trees - lots more
I promise, I will, though I know it takes time
my bank balance dwindles - it's no longer PRIME
I need this development to help me spend more
on energy rich lifestyle that opens the door
To boys' clubs, and honour, as I sponsor the host
to gaming, recreation, shopping centres and most
of the god given pleasures that make me prestige
I'm rich, and your poor - you're out of my league

So Koala, marsupial, dwindling here
I've made millions from your home - and much more through next year
yes, Koala, I ignore that your sick, threatened, ill
cos this home is ALL MINE and the money's a thrill

I'm hidden from scrutiny, my buddies back all
I've invested in infrastructures, parks and a mall
So, Koala - please leave here, and live by the road
While I wait at heaven's gate, with my life soul's great load

Oh koala - what's this, you've escaped - now you're here
In god's arms, oh so peaceful now 'tis i have the fear
And god's angels tell me, the gate here is closed
and my goods and great doings are ALL now MY LOAD
Dear god, can I pay you, my hotels, and shops,
my real estate legacies - though they're all at a stop
But I promise, the trees, that I never got round
to planting - well, god, can I offer bare ground?

I see that the gates to the heavens stay shut
Oh god, please tell me why, I am in purgatory's rut?
My chattels and cargo, are heavy and bleak,
I am grand! I WANT heaven! what's that? I'm not meek?

said the Koala......
w'ell you were warned, Maaaate

and now, for some philosophy.........................

The idea that God is a just yet awesomely terrifying entity is entwined in many religions and
spiritual beliefs.
God's creation is all about us. We were given the keys to the car, so to speak, when we (humanity) grew to the stage of KNOWLEDGE of ourselves, and awareness of others in more than just our primative cognitive abilities.
We grew into this knowledge for reasons only "known to god". I will not presume to understand
the planning and reasoning behind this. If, indeed, there IS any!
It is enough to say that Universal and Cosmic laws may hold the key to some understanding of why humans experience their sentience and self awareness, their knowledge and intentionality.
If you are an atheist or an agnostic, bear with me.

I have spent much of my life living in existential lifestyle and thinking. For many years, I felt that all there was was what was HERE, in the NOW. History evolution lead us to this point, and our actions and thoughts would take us beyond this point. To me, for many years, there was no over-riding "god force/entity", there was just EXISTENCE - albeit on many levels.

You can either believe in god, or not believe. Other than that, you may be undecided.
Some of you may even fit into another category of belief system that does not fit into these three.
Hats off to all of you. WHY?
Because it is HOW you live, that determines your life. Whether you believe in god or not,
or are undecided - WHATEVER - it is HOW you live your life that determines your overall reality. And.....
HOW YOU LIVE often determines (directly/indirectly) the reality for others on this planet.
(I include all living and non living things on the planet here, as it has become known,
by scientific lessons, that everything on this beautiful blue planet is inter-related
to some degree.)
And now, back to God.

Stories and myths about God and gods/goddesses- great spirits abound. Some are ancient, some were born just moments ago, as I write this. God, and man's concepts of God are an ever evolving process.
The older, more deeply primitive and magical gods as well as the more modern gods and GOD hold power. Power in our collective human psyches, in a way that we still cannot accurately describe.
Poems, songs - these things, and art in general, have a greater ability to explain these things, than intricate scientific and metaphysical writings.
God, in its awesome revelation, is evolving as I speak.
God's law stands over us - above, below, beside and through us all. Beneath that law of god stands natural law.
Natural law is above , below and through us, and we, as humans, have transgressed both God's law, and natural law.

We break, bend and rewrite God's LAW everyday we knowingly (in knowledge) kill, steal, cheat, lie, transgress over those who are unable to defend themselves.. The list is endless. Humans have eveloved (oops -sorry - EVOLVED) new ways of transgressing God and natural laws, and we now do it daily.
Spirit, from God, or the divine entity that is creation and the creator process, has come to
earth and known itself, through human sentience, self awareness, knowledge and wisdom.

Awareness of God, the spirit, the "son" /"daughter"of god that is in all of us, is a largely undefineable, non scientifically verifiable "thing".
Many different peoples and individuals, have their own unique awareness.
Their perceptions, their cultural background, their desires, needs, their mental/emotional/physical states -these things create "filters" that help us as individuals and groups (clans, cults, communities etc) recognise certain moral and human / animal instinct survival decisions.

I will now explain something rather unusual in my life, that I have not really come across
in many others' lives. You may say that it is delusional, mis - informed, ego-based, naive, new age
- whatever. That is your perceptive stance, and you are well entitled to your stance.

Your thinking, your belief system - if it isn't hurting me, then, I have no quarrel with it.

I see Angels. I see Spirits. I see beyond "time" and I know my place in the spirit of things.
I align myself with God, and can see some very disturbing and saddening events in this world today, which will eventually lead those who travel with the "destructor" to a place that I will not go, and chose NOT to go to.
Many - many, many times in my life, I have become aquainted with what many may call "dark and tormented" souls.
People who perpetually kill, steal, lie, torture. Some practice these actions - or, for the lack of a
better word " dark arts" - knowingly.
Others have come from such a tormented background themselves, that they are clinically psychotic, in such a way, that they habitually see nothing wrong with the actions that they continually take. Some of us, seeing the wrong that we have done, act out and intentionally accept our remorse, find LOVE, and come back to divine ways - albeit it still in our ridiculously wretched human way...
Some of these people are in the borderline area - close to the "light" of God and LOVE, but too immersed in their moment to be courageous enough to travel - in an instant- into God's arms and, what the more religious of us, may call salvation.
How audacious of me to re-write my own version of what is good, what is bad.... how dare I judge?
I try NOT to judge - and when I do, I find that it is a quick spoken word or thought that I quickly try to be aware of, and then reflect upon. There are differing types of "judgements". God's Judgement is the greatest that I know of. I have seen it in action. God's judgement travels through the world quickly, and thoroughly.
God's judgement surpasses man's little courts and legal procedure by eons, by universes, by more than the greatest minds alive and dead, combined, can conceive. My ego sometimes wants a fight - to transgress across others paths and stop them.
That is my ego - battling for a place in existence - MY EXISTENCE. However, the blue planet,
that we all call home, is now reaching a most abysmal scenario -soon, the population figures
will no longer be rising. They will beign to fall. They may fall sharply. They may dwindle to nil. When the global population begins to fall, then we will know that we are, collectively, on the way out.
Heaven help us then.

These times, upon us now, are largely ignored by our leaders, the egos, the evil folk,
who are hell bent on delivering themselves to hellish ways.
Those who see the "light" - they ultimately are ok. Time, in this little planet of ours,
is short - very short - in the cosmic grandeur that is existence.
You are smaller than you think. You are, indeed, NOT WHAT YOU THINK.
After your life, before your life, and during your life - are other things - all not what you think they are.
We paint the scenarios of a beautiful heaven, a ghastly fiery hell, with our human emotions,
thoughts and experiences.
Heaven and hell are human terms.

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