Monday, August 23, 2010

Myths for a Modern Age Part 4

Thinking and Storytelling go hand in hand, and I have just been reading Can do Better's posting and subsequent comments for the article "The Six Cluster of Denial - Death by Storytelling" (posted August 18th 2010 by Tim).

The article and responses give wonderful insights into humanitys' historical cognitative "smoke and mirrors" mythologies. These articles are worth reading. You do not necessarily have to agree with them, but give your brain a walk in the unfamiliar path of human patterned historical thought, and associated "norms", without all your pre-conceived human "conditionings".

The articles are well worth the read, and offer substantial food for thought, in a world of story telling gone mad...... tread lightly my friends.
Madison Waters
Bioenergy gone mad: the above photo is of HABITAT DESTRUCTION by the CONDONG MILL, Sunshine Electricity, TWEED SHIRE COUNCIL approved BIOENERGY program. (August 2010 - Upper Burringbar, NE NSW.)
Camphor Laurel Strategy - Far North Coast Weeds - at bluecray environmental search engine
Endangered species habitat destroyed in the name of "clean fuel" - Camphor Laurels and old dead tree trunks (see the white trunks on LHS of photo?) - they look dead to me - are removed, via about 5 bulldozers, large mulching machinery, many cars, semi trailers of Camphor Laurel sawdust - operating about ten hours per day, 61/2 days per week. The National Parks and Wildlife service has been told that the Rufous Bettongs live in this area, and yet, the bioenergy people have come in and decimated the habitat. This "bioenergy" is one of the biggest myths in our current age. Better to use less, buy less, destroy less, and tread lightly.

converting stands of camphor laurel to rainforest
- if you want to read some more

"Weeds, Biodiversity and Australia's Land and Water Stewardship Practices" - article by Al for

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