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ASAD, Syrma - Al Ghafar and the transiting Sun in early Scorpio, October 25th 2009

The Sun is about to transit the Fixed Star Syrma,(at approx. 4 degrees Scorpio). It is currently reaching the approaching conjunction as I write this. This fixed star is in the constellation Virgo, and also holds place in the greater Ancient Astrological presence (Arabian/Persian astrology)- ASAD, the great LION, who is a most wonderful guardian of the ancient heavens and life on earth.

Regarding Syrma - forming part of the arabic 13th Moon Mansion:-
  • [The Persian astronomer Al Biruni (973-1048 A.D.) said that the Arabs considered this the most fortunate of their lunar stations, as lying between the evils of the Lion's teeth and claws on one side and the tail and venom of the Scorpion on the other, and quoted from a Rajaz poet: "The best night forever Lies between Al Zubanah and Al Asad;"] - from Constellationsofwords by Anne Wright.
Astrology chart for 25th October 2009 (Byron Bay, Australia)

On the 28th October, 2009, the Sun will transiting 4-5 degrees Scorpio, and the Moon will pass over the last degrees of Aquarius and first degrees of Pisces. This is a great time to prepare for the later CONJUNCTION of JUPITER and NEPTUNE (23-26 degrees Aquarius) over the 2009 Christmas period.
The later degrees of Aquarius, in the Zodiac have symbols connected with butterflies, violets and recharging of the spirit.

The fixed star, Khambalia - lambda in Virgo (at approx 6 degrees Scorpio*), is also soon on the "visit" list by the Sun (end of Oct. 2009), as it transits through the celestial sphere. This is a great time for penetration of secrets. And so, if something needs to be unearthed, or indeed exposed for what it really is ie. getting to the truth of the matter...... the next few days can be extremely useful.... just take care that you stay in "the light" as you search about!

And so, looking even further ahead into the Astrology of December 2009?

When this conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron (approx 23-26 degrees Aquarius) occurs at the end of December, Mars at 19 degrees LEO Dec 28th 2009) will be opposite these three heavenly bodies. And whilst Ursa Major is far from Mars by declination, there will be correspondence between the two, via the fixed stars - Tania Borealis and Merak.

Mars will also have connections, late December with Ras Elasid Australis (Algenubi or Epsilon - LEO). Some cruelty, on the part of Authority and those of heartless disposition may be afoot.

And a final note - the world IS a beautiful place when LOVE is in our hearts, and whilst the hard-arsed devils of humanity's archtypal "monsters" appear to be on the loose, and somewhat hell bent on planetary destruction, the word of LOVE, when pressed to the wind will gather great force over the coming months. And Mass Consciousness is on the move in a way that it has not been for tens of thousands of years.
  • If you find that the "ghouls" are about, try Stuart Wilde's website and purchase the Gayatri Mantra - it is a short, concise and beautiful MANTRA for banishing "ghouls" and "Honouring the Gods"
*see precession of equinoxes & equinox .
precession of equinoxes at ancient egyptians and the constellations

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the above article has been written by Madison Waters for the bluecray Journey for Wisdom in the Land.

The Chart for October 25th 2009, above is from:- What Watch? - Version 3.3 Build 92 - © 1999, 2008 Robert Amlung - .