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The Dimension of TIME and the MATRIX / WEB of TIME therein - ANARCHY and ART - a story of innocence, power and the WATCHERS.

THIS IS A STORY about before the GREAT WEB OF TIME - a myth that blends the ancient archetypal gods and energies, the "matrix" therein, the "FATES", and one innocent human - Marthaa Damuse.

the above poem - on a butterfly's back, is about the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL - another WATCHER (one of FOUR WATCHERS)

Some of the names/gods in this myth have varying roles. As with mythological stories, throughout history: Many interlink, some are confusing and interchangeable stories. There is artistic licence in the following story, however, the essence, has always been the same

  • Long before TIME began, Ouranus the Sky god (and son of CHAOS - who was fathered by CHRONOS - the great "father of time") mated with Gaia, the earth goddess.
  • The ensuing daughter was called RHEA. RHEA, in turn, had a child called ZEUS, fathered by Cronus.
  • When Zeus became all powerful over EARTH, his mother, Rhea had a disagreement with him, resulting in a BARGAIN. The bargain was this:- that the EARTH would be the domain of ZEUS, which he would RULE OVER, and that a small ISLAND would be the domain of RHEA.
  • It was on this island, where RHEA lived and ruled completely, that the MUSES also lived.
  • Living with the MUSES, were some mortal beings. These mortal beings dwelt in the gardens of Rhea's beautiful and peaceful island, where they learnt from ,and were instructed in, the crafts of all the MUSES.
  • One such human that lived on the Isand of Rhea, was called MARTHAA (MARTHAA DAMUSE)

AND now my story begins.

In the HALLS of ELYSIUM, the great gods celebrated the wresting of the world from GAIA and RHEA. The Greatest god of all these gods - ZEUS - had finally attained everything he desired, and at such a small cost - only one tiny island did he lose, in this BARGAIN with his Mother, RHEA. This was the Island of the MUSES - RHEA's ISLE.

As the gods celebrated in their GREAT HALL, they congratulated ZEUS for his mastery of the world.
And as they all feasted, ZEUS withdrew, to ponder his greatness.
WAS there nothing more that he could control?
His insatiable desire for power had increased dramatically, now that he had gained domain over the world. WHAT MORE COULD HE DO?

Deep in thought, and IDEA came to him. HE DECIDED TO outdo all the gods before him, once and for all. Zeus was going to prove his greatness throughout eternity and beyond.
The IDEA came to him in a lightning flash. - HE WOULD CREATE the FABRIC of TIME! A Great WEB, that would give him power over TIME, the domain of his ancestor CHRONOS.

A great WEB, that all of the immortal gods and mortal beings would be in awe of. And by this WEB of TIME, ZEUS thought "I CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING IN CREATION ITSELF, and even beyond"

And so ZEUS , in close consultation with the other gods, prepared to create the WEB OF TIME. THIS was to be his masterpiece. This would deliver him eternal power. A power greater than that of even CHRONOS. ZEUS was finally going to outdo his father, his mother, his children and all of the GODS.
AND so, with his mind fixed on GLORY, and with the help of the other gods, the WEB of TIME was CREATED.

Now, while this was all going on, in the HALLS OF ELYSIUM, unbeknown to ZEUS, the FATES WATCHED ON.
And Clotho, the first FATE, spun her thread of cotton onto her SPINDLE.

Meanwhil, on RHEA's small island, the MUSES sang, danced, told stories, and painted. They sculptured, carved, harmonised and beat their beautiful drums, that they had taught the humans ( mortals of the island) to make. The harmony and love that was on the isand grew and grew. The humans that lived on the island all became well versed in the ARTS. MARTHAA DAMUSE, was one of the mortals, that became well versed in these harmonious arts.

"I HAVE CREATED THE GREATEST OF ALL CREATIONS" boomed the great god ZEUS. BE in fear and awe, my fellow gods. THIS WEB OF TIME defines my GREATNESS.
THE other gods, in the Elysium Hall admired him, feared him, congratulated him, and asked, in curiousity, "but how will it work? What IS this WEB of TIME?"
Zeus replied - "MY WEB of TIME - it is MY controlling and all encompassing POWER. IT is the power to control everything. EVERYTHING!!!"
The other gods were all speechless. They could hardly wait to see this WEB of TIME work.


Now,while ZEUS and his fellow gods celebrated, Hermes had been taking some time out, to fly about the world, in discovery of new things. The world was a constant source of inspiration to his MIND, and his curiousity was insatiable. He flew to the fartherest corners of the WORLD. With wings outspread, Hermes began to hear music on the WIND. Flying towards its source, he hovered over the ISLE of RHEA. .

Little did Hermes realise that the FATES had led him there - to the Island of the Muses.
And Lachesis measured the thread with her ROD.

As HERMES flew above the Island, he spied down below, a most intriguing mortal. She was dancing and singing in a RAINBOW, as the other mortals and the MUSES drummed and chanted, in perfect HARMONY.

HERMES became instantly enchanted by the mortal's ARTISTRY, and flew down, taking her into his ARMS, and carrying her away, before any of the Muses could stop him. He flew high into the SKY, with the human - Marthaa Damuse - and she clung to him, singing her beautiful songs.

Carrying Marthaa back to the HALLS of ELYSIUM, Hermes landed, in front of ZEUS, saying - "behold this mortal - such a thing of interest to me - I wish to keep her here, to find out what makes her sing and dance so." ZEUS replied, "of course - this mortal is nothing. Do with her, what you wish"
..... and then THE GREAT IDEA CAME!

"WAIT! demanded ZEUS "HERMES, before you take her to your home, let us all have her here, in the HALLS of ELYSIUM, where I can show our fellow gods, how my WEB of TIME works."
Hermes agreed, knowing that Zeus was the all powerful, and submitted the mortal, Marthaa to ZEUS's scrutiny.

"COME here! Stand before me, Marthaa Damuse." commanded the great god. "You will witness first hand, as a mortal, before my fellow gods, the power that is MY creation - the WEB of TIME!!!"

Marthaa stepped forward, with a song in her heart, carrying the beautiful visions and memories of her Island Home. She had no fear.

The other gods, including Hermes, all gathered around to see.
ZEUS took his WEB of TIME, newly created and not yet seen fully by any of the other gods.

He held it out his huge arms, and then, with all his might UNFURLED it into the space before them. It spread quickly across the entire Halls of ELYSIUM.

As it spread out, wrapping about the HALLS, it quickly extended all about the entire WORLD.

It was extensive. Its FABRIC permeated all of existence.

IT was the final proof the ZEUS was the god of all gods.


The WEB OF TIME was so well built, that in its mathematical precision, unfoldeding before them all, the gods erupted into applause.

"Marthaa Damuse, mortal being" boomed Zeus "experience power that has never been before. GO into my WEB of TIME, and demonstrate my ultimate POWER, for I AM ZEUS"

Marthaa stepped forward, and into the RIGID WEB of TIME. She began to touch the powerful strands, as they encompassed her.
And as she touched the strands of time, she SANG. And then she began to dance. And she danced and sang her way further into the WEB'S structure. Marthaa touched the strands with her art, and her HARMONIES, born of the MUSES teachings. She touched, with her heart song, the FABRIC of TIME, that surrounded her.

And as she sang and danced, with her heart as her drum, her artistry began to dramatically change the GREAT WEB OF TIME. It began to unravel. It began to CHANGE. It began to be NOT WHAT ZEUS had made it

Further and further through the WEB, Marthaa Damuse danced and sang her artistry. More and more, the WEB OF TIME changed. It was becoming less and less how ZEUS had envisioned it would be. ZEUS howelled in horror, as he saw his greatest achievement turn to his greatest folly. Suddenly, Zeus's power WEB was gone, changed, out of his control. The other gods laughed at his downfall. Mostly, they laughed in joy, with MARTHAA DAMUSE.

Marthaa Damuse kept dancing and singing. With her creative HARMONIES the WEB of TIME seemed to respond, and change, and become something entirely different to what ZEUS desired. And the WEB of TIME became not what he thought it would be.

He realised that he did NOT have total control any more. He saw that his control had DIMINISHED, almost entirely. Suddenly everyone could see ZEUS clearly, and he seemed rather pathetic, old and weak. Those who had followed him, all saw him in a new light. The light that had been shone by the tiny spark of creation that was Marthaa Damuse

And Marthaa danced on, into the infinity of TIME and then beyond, to where true love welcomed her home. The pathetic Gods could no longer see her.
And, as for the gods - their world had changed forever more, their power taken from them as a lesson to those who would assume to wrest too much power from the CREATOR and the CREATOR's beautiful blue planet - the EARTH.

AND THE FATES WATCHED ON................

the beginning......
when the all powerful entities of earthly archtypal "gods" surpass themselves in their belief of grandeur,mastery and self absorbtion, at the expense of the EARTH and innocent beings , there has always been an overwatching failsafe. THE FATES:- THE over reaching, all encompassing CREATOR designed these failsafes to deal with the abuses by the "gods" upon the CREATOR, and the beautiful BLUE PLANET - EARTH.
The innocent one's who follow the creator's LAWS - (when the gods dared to surpass themselves, beyond what was in line with the CREATION STORY), shine a light on the abusers, and the watchers take action. This is a CREATION LAW PRINCIPAL.... harmony, arithmetic, geometry......

KODO : Spirit of TAIKO

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