Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Venus Mars Conjunct at 2009 Winter Solstice

The Earth - at Byron Bay, here in the Southern Hemisphere, has Winter Solstice on the 21st June 2009 (3.46pm AEST). The WINTER SOLSTICE presents many opportunities for RITUALS and MEDITATIONS. 
With the presence of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in conjunction, in the domain of CYGNUS (the Swan)and AQUARIUS (the Water Carrier), we can expect that "rights of passage"/ "growing Pains" and the water and emotional cycles will come into focus.

This Winter Solstice should be a tremendous experience for letting go and starting afresh. 
above chart from WHAT WATCH 
it shows Byron Bay astrological Chart for 1 minute before the Winter Solstice 2009 (3.46pm AEST). 

Some Astrological features of this year's WINTER SOLSTICE?

Venus (harmony, feminine) and Mars (action, masculine) blend in  creative partnership - (conjunct)
  • With Venus and Mars (15 degrees Taurus) passing in the Cetus or whale sector of the zodiac,this concerns "monsters" being created or looked at with fresh insight- anything from discovering new forms of undersea animals to large "water" projects and of course greater understanding re the health of the planet and the relationships of whales and sea life and the sea's nature to us and the world - all these things can be possible

And of course, the Moon will be there, approaching the weakened Sun, for the DARK of the MOON just under a couple of days after the Winter Solstice.

Saturn (the builder) and Ceres (cereals, harvest, our "daily bread") will also be there in harmony with the SUN. 
  • Saturn and Ceres conjunct at the time of the WINTER SOLSTICE.   Saturn, as the Lord of Time and the symbol of Government and Social Structures joins forces with Ceres, the symbol of harvest,grain and ritual thanks. The sickle (Ceres) and scythe symbols become particularly powerful.  Saturn as the Lord of Times carries a scythe and both these tools suggest conveying information and bureaucratic processes (AIR - CUTTING - GRAIN)
  • Structures for Farming practices and issues to do with grain storage, harvest of all types and Land and Water stewardship and the associated bureaucratic processes, here in Australia, can reach new visionary proportions and practical application of vision.
  •  Philosophical values can begin to work hand in hand with land tenure and land custodianship issues. Reorganising peoples' "daily bread", world wide, could be a feature of this Winter Solstice's timing.
Pluto (transformer) harmoniously joins forces with the midheaven, but is in opposition with the weakening SUN (individual spirit).
  • Pluto, having some fleeting friendly moments with the Mid Heaven, can help adjust transformation, as it sits in Capricorn, for the Solstice,waiting to rise, just behind QUAOAR, the creative voice of existence. However, with the Sun approaching opposition to Pluto, conflict and tension can arise between the need for change for societys' (and the planet's sake) and the need to display self expression and individual free will.
If practical magic need be applied within this WINTER SOLSTICE period, there are some powerful astrological formations that are there to help. 

This is particularly so for the practical magic of PRAYER and the mind/spirit connection. Also for the practical magic of man creating new forms for harnessing the sun and earth's energy for power, transport & communications. 
And so, regarding the Winter Solstice for  SE QLD and NE NSW Australia 2009:-

Try to get up early in the morning of the WINTER SOLSTICE, and see JUPITER near the the midheaven (up high in the sky, slightly to the north). 
NEPTUNE and CHIRON are close by to Jupiter, but not seen by the naked eye.

You will also see, in the dark just before sunrise, on the 21st June 2009:-
VENUS and MARS together in the eastern sky (slightly north east - but well above the horizon), with MERCURY rising in the east, below them.*

*The MOON will also be there, very close to Mercury, heading towards it's "DARK" (almost two days after the Solstice, it will be the Dark of the Moon)). 


  1. Fabulous explanantion thankyou so much!

  2. Thanks for that! and, I have just corrected a typo - I had stated in a paragraph above that Pluto was in Sag., which is of course wrong. Pluto is in Capricorn for this winter solstice, and I have corrected my statement above. Sorry if I mislead anyone.......enjoy the solstice!