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Clearing the habit of Habitat Clearing

HABITAT CLEARING : search Results for at search
HABITAT LOSS : search results at bluecray Regional Environmental News - Mt Warning Caldera Region

H - for humanity, its history and its law
A - for Aborigines and their ancestors before
B - biodiversity - to me it spells out "FREE"
i - for the little guy - that means you and me
T - for the teacher that leads us through the land
A - for AUSTRALIANS that learn to understand
T the Trust of wildlife friends living hand in hand

C is for cutting and clearing their land, taking their bedding, dispersing their clan
L is for larsony, looting and lost
E is for Everything in rubbish piles tossed
A is for Arid Lands' creep from the west, and
R is remorse for failing this test
i is the little guy - that means you and me
N is right NOW. Wake up!!! LOOK and SEE!!!!
G is for Global, Gaia, God, Gift and Ground

Gracious abundance for many times round!!

HABITAT (wikipedia)
habitat relates to the technical terms (1762) in latin texts of flora and fauna; dwelling places and to hold and possess
VEGETATION LOSS (Vegetation Clearance: Position Statement by The Ecological Society of Australia)
Clear - Latin clarus - bright, clear, manifest, distinct, with later meanings of "free from encumberance (nautical) and land cleared of wood is from 1683.

Some commonly sustained myths exist, even today.
  • to support high production quick yeilding monoculture
  • to exploit any remaining habitat or vegetation community, when surrounding lands are already under stress/severe stress
  • to clear, then clear again, then again until little seedbank is left within the locality or region
  • to alter water courses and flows by many small ways or larger ways through development, infrastructure and agricultural means
These things, and many more, are sympomatic of large components of Australian Society in the last two hundred years or so. These things are well entrenched in many of our memories, daily practices, belief systems and national image.

"Land & Water Stewardship: Rescuing Remnants "
"Our Coastal Zone, Engineering for Climate Change and our childrens’ future"
"Phantom Koala and Part 3A of the NSW Planning Law"
"Endangered ecological community and Kings Forest Development, Tweed Coast, NE NSW."
"Habitat" search results at this blog (Journey for Wisdom in the Land)

Vast coastal developments stripped bare of any remaining vegetation and machined, ploughed up, dug into, reshaped and recontoured causing vast upheaval for vast numbers of animals, vegetation communities and water catchment ecosystems.
Salted water tables, acid sulphate soils exposure. Roadside, watercourses and other corridors continually, little by little, being cleared and stripped or sprayed.
This is what habitat clearance is. This is what habitat destruction is.

And until sustainable development is clearly understood in our urban / rural mythologies and self image, then we are all a little in the dark before that dawn when everything becomes a little clearer!

There is plenty of land and water, in the world for everyone to share. There is abundance of food and crops and animals all over the world, and if everyone shared, then very few would starve.

I have just been looking at some of my website stats, and it seems that quite
a few visitors to find it via the search term "habitat
clearing". Hence this article on habitat clearing.

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