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Astrological Stories and Myths for a Modern Age

 Myths for a Modern Age

Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have sat under the stars to tell stories. These stories have been passed down, through generations and often have an astrological component. They are a collective treasure of information about humanity. These mythologies and symbolic epics carry a wealth of insight into the human condition, here on earth, and how we relate to God and God's Creation that we are part of here.
Genomics : Christine Morris - click on this link to understand more about people and stories. 

Christine holds a wealth of wisdom in story telling and perception of the human "way".Meeting with her professionally some many years back, I learnt a number of valuable lessons (insights). 

We are all telling stories. 
That is what we do. I give you a story, you give me a story. Well, in this blog, no one is actually writing back to me, and exchanging stories yet, but I am ever hopeful!!

However, this perspective :- that we are all here on earth exchanging stories, is a beautiful view of life and human exchange with the world. 
Exchanging stories with Christine back in the nineties, also made me think very hard about my own perceptions and discernments concerning issues such as roadways.  This needless, senseless road kill and habitat devastation that comes with human settlement and movement. Perhaps the real question surrounding these issues is:-

Now of course, on the surface, this carries a very valid and practical assessment of the situation.
WHY this should even be an issue? 
The real issue is NOT about worrying how to help the animals in their habitats by and near the roads, not about designing roads that legally support current "environmental technologies" for aiding flora and fauna continuity corridors. These things are clearly important, and are a response to the given current environmental human condition situation .They are, however,  extremely inadequate. 

AND, it is not necessarily about putting up more signs for koala crossings and ducklings crossing the road. Although these things are clearly important too - and the tireless work of conservationists, animal welfare workers and the many people who just care for animals in their lives and love nature.
However, I suspect the REAL QUESTION TO BE ASKING is..................... 

How did we arrive at this point where we even need to consider this immense "POWER" over life and death, in our daily lives? And......
 Where does "I" or "me" fit  into all of this?  
And Where do YOU, my dear reader, fit into all of this? 

Well, ..... right now - I am madly telling stories - visual, via the environmental advocacy collages, and the stories that are in the bluecray articles. 
And hopefully, some of my stories will inspire you to go to the edge of your comfortability zone, and try a little "surrender". A little "faith" A little "humility" in all of this mad challenging world of today. 

But above all - I would like to alert you to your  individual power and your own personal stories. 

You now wield an amazing amount of power, wherever you move and live. Have respect for this. Possibly, if you are reading this, you own or have at your comfortable disposal -  a computer, a car, a home  - or at least, so many possessions that you surely cannot travel about with them - all on your back.
However,  you may travel about a fair bit also. You may be a patron and participant in your society in some way or another. You may be overwhelmingly connected to a vaste amount of paperwork, processes, bureaucratic rituals, documentation, complex communications networks. This complex matrix of events is symptomatic of ourselves, as individuals, in many ways.

Learning to re-relate to nature is one of the challenges of this matrix of human processes.

As cities and high density urban areas of 24 hour lighting and atmospheric pollution/phenomena are on the increase, the skies are often unseen by people, the world over, every night.
The world of Astrological stories and observations to mark the timing of the cycles of nature and the heavens is largely physically unrelated to sky observations these days. It is largely generated by machines, paperwork, the hard work of some untiring mathematical and astronomical wizards, that bless us with their precise calculations, direct astronomical observations and knowledgeable application of divination, symbols, mythology and etymology. 
We have become somewhat "disconnected" from the SOURCE:- The NIGHT and DAY SKIES.

But mostly, what is it that we end up exchanging? - it is stories.

Astrological stories are now accumulating, as more and more astrological thinkers exchange stories, ideas, methodologies and mathematical reasonings via the speed of the internet and mass consciousness exchange..
Also, many of the stories now contain components of modern thinking, reflection, philosophy and "setting", however the basic fact is still there.


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