Monday, September 28, 2009

Myths for a Modern Age - second story

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Industry and corporate greed has a face, so carefully hidden, that it is a sick secret, chronically denied by wealthy "corporate and political" gamesmanship. Have compassion here for those less fortunate - those people who are dragging us into extinction - those people who, at the expense of biodiverse health, spend their life weaving more and more denial into their complex lifestyles as their ego slowly eats up their spiritual credibility and worth.
Individual champions who work , often without realising it, to alert us to these issues and who have lived simple spiritually worthy lives are few and far between. ( I am not counting myself amongst these, so don't get too worked up - I am constantly working on my inner healing.) However, mostly, we follow blindly, falling prey to that human condition so well known to many Australians -
"she'll be right, mate".
Well, "SHE" is NOT right. "SHE" is very sick. The parallel of the collective earth to the individual
human health condition is astounding.
* We fill our lungs with toxic fumes just as we fill the earth "breath" with the same.

* We clothe ourselves with functionless adornments just as we adorn our society and lifestyles with functionless "stuff".

* Our inner organic systems of liver, heart, arteries and colons areas are as choked as our wetlands, habitats, waterways, and estuarine systems.

* Our skins and bones brittle, diseased and ill as are our soils, infrastructures and urban expansions.

* Our minds have become narrow, hollow and depressed just as our biodiversity has become thinned, weakened and sad.

* Our irrational minds, bent on extremities of lust, hate, greed, glory and imbalance are as extreme as the weather patterns that we greet each day. All the while our precious blue earth turns in space.
To echo the words of John Keel, "the universe does not exist as we think it exists, and we
don't exist as we think we exist"
Much of my life I have been gifted with visions. I have travelled beyond time, through the eons and watched many events and process, both past , present and future. I have been beckoned by both the "devil's" gifts of abundance and "God's" gifts of abundance,and know that love is the pathway, always through time, no matter how painful it may seem at the time, love is the only healing measure that works. Abundance - it comes from within and shines out.

Compassion comes from God and works through us. It is one of God's greatest gifts to us, if only we can unwrap this precious gift and share it with ALL. Remorse, self acceptance and the hard yards of love yield an eternity of bliss. Disdain, denial, the easier yards of hate driven anger and our ego's thoughtless actions yield an eternity of suffering and torment. Choice, through our free will, comes to us through our stories. The stories we play in our head, the stories we hear from each other.

Choice through LOVE and innocence, comes straight from God. The choice to adorn ourselves in the same clothing that our rich "emperor's wear, cut for them by those deceiving "taylors", is up to our free will. Our innocence, nurtured by love allows us to move beyond the idea of any choice and instead, walk hand in hand with God.

I have written a more in depth article (story) on these things at , so if you would like to keep reading and thinking about these modern stories and denials that we weave for ourselves, click HERE.

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