Friday, September 25, 2009

Baba, Benoit and Lucy, the Burringbar Crows grow up and leave the nursery

Baba, Benoit and Lucy, the young Crows that have grown up next door to me have now officially left the Nursery. Two days after, I took this photo of Benoit the young Crow who became my friend, the three youngsters took their final flight from the nursery area. They were about 1 year old when they left the nursery area. (August 2009)

Their Mother and Father have told them to join the Crows that fly about in the wider open spaces of the Valley of the Crows. Lucy tried to come back one day, and the Father told Lucy to go again. He flew at Lucy, and they got into a foot "lock" together, and then the father just threw Lucy into the air. Needless to say, Lucy flew off. Life seems hard for them, but that is their ways. I love the crows for how they are so strong and to the point.

Meanwhile, Benoit, Baba and Lucy have flown overhead, but very high. They are not allowed anywhere near the ground here, when they fly over. Benoit has been seen chasing hawks away from the area, but he is very high up in the sky.

And just a few days ago, about 7 young crows came flying over the area, in a group - led by Benoit. He paused to see me, whilst high up in the sky, then, as the Parents chased the young crows away, they had to leave. Sometimes I hear Benoit down in the valley. I know it is HIM, because I have an instinctive "hearing" for his voice. Don't ask me how THAT works, but somehow, I just "KNOW" it is HIM!

On the last day before he left, I showed him a fifty dollar bill, and this is what he said...........

“All it takes today it seems, is having

some money to follow your dreams.
The day comes up the sun goes down
and life goes fast in every town.

This stuff you eat that feasts on you
I’m finding it mighty hard to chew!”

"Benoit says" - at

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