Thursday, October 15, 2009

Astrological Predictions, Ego and the Winds of Change

The practice of fortune telling for money is a dubious process. Divination has become a methodology employed by many people to create scenarios that more than often, seek to soothe either the soothsayer's ego or the seeker's unfullfilled desires. Divination by sharmans and oracles is a centuries old practice in many cultures.

And today, there is a new breed of "prophets" and diviners creating diverse stories and predictions across the globe. Many of them have short and limited experiences. Some are authentic, many (most?) are not.

Observations, marking of the seasons by the fixed stars , and the correlation thereof with human activity, mundane or personal, can be an extremely useful tool to find timing for events, opportunities and potential developments. The insights offered by the astrologers of past eras hold a wealth of mythological stories that still hold relevance today.

Use of magic with these two above procedures of observation and correlation can create a somewhat precarious reality, that may carry with it a substantial consequence from the "fates" or "judgement from God". The use of Magic can also be a truly divine process, when used in an innocent, selfless and free from ego context.

It is best to reflect on these matters when embarking on the somewhat dubious but often modern day popular human activity of asking for a practicing occultist to intercede on the part of another, using magical spells or divinations, and creating an outcome that is ego driven or fear driven. The winds of change can come from many directions and carry upon them all types of unpredictable outcomes.

Even love driven, or what is supposedly "love driven" gain from occult practices can be a highly dubious affair.

The path that is taken by the authentic student of occult ways is necessarily riddled with tasty morsels offered straight from the "devil's" smorgasboard of "dainties". Oh, how sweet may they seem. How innocent, tantalising the choices may seem. Take care lest your ego trick you!

The student of God and pure LOVE, however, does not take these choices lightly. Mostly, they steer away from the dubious practices of foretelling the future or trying to change someone's "destiny".
The choices between the "devil" and God can be easily recognised for what they are. Best they be either ignored or "marked" for exactly what they are - temptations, little pavers to "hell", that step at a time, that will take the seeker steadily away from God and toward an ever harder to extricate oneself from hell on earth sensation. Staying with God and in the light is the ONLY CHOICE.

And so, if you feel compelled to choose? Choose wisely when seeking out an occultist or magician. The accrued magical power of occult practices thousands of years old, hold with them, the archetypal old "gods". These "gods" can be unforgiving, fearsome, mocking and ruthless.

In an earthly sense, many of these practices may be seen to hold sway..... for a while. Many seem to create a path forward for the ego encrusted "seeker". The extrication from the contract made, with regard to employing the ancient powers may not be so easy. And, after this life, there may be "fate" consequences, that are still not conceived, but relentlessly played out, in the world of spirit, beyond time and "the matrix". To be able to divine is a gift. It is a gift to be used for humanity, to help humanity, either personally or collectively. If you have this gift, use it wisely.

For myself, a general rule of thumb has been, in astrological practice, to remind the "client" that it is a story - for fun, enjoyment and personal well being. On a mundane level, I still find that astrology is best used as a creative story to help others understand patterns and processes that are reflected throughout the earth, the heavens and all the spaces in between.

There are some absolutely beautiful, authentic astrological and divination websites across the internet. They are created by caring souls who share their insights with others, give knowledge to our collective humanity's consciousness, and help awaken our own spirit to its worth. When you find a website that has the qualities of honesty, innocence and true good, YOU WILL KNOW!
a great example of an authentic astrologer is Liz Green .
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