Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Koala Planning Dreaming

A wise developer once told me that to successfully plan for development, the following rules of thumb can work for everyone:-
  • leave the surveyors and engineers till the very last
  • consult local wildlife and environmental experts first
  • fit the building of homes and infrastructure around the wildlife habitats
  • go gently, use as little machinery as possible
  • do not squeeze as many "home blocks"in as possible - rather, let the circumstances of the land dictate how many "home blocks" there can be
  • when you know where all the animals live and how they live, then, and only then, bring in the surveyors and engineers
I believe this is true for all catchments, all land, all developments. Water considerations should also be dealt with in this way, firstly consulting local catchment authorities and local water knowledge to understand the nature of water above and below the ground. Monitoring this water, and altering the catchment only to benefit the sustainability of the catchment's well being.

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