Thursday, February 26, 2009

Benoit the Young Crow Returns, after a Sleepover

Photo of Benoit after an overnight stay away from the family unit

Hey Susi, Benoit is back !!!!! When I came home this arvo, but Baba is still gone, and Benoit is looking rather lacking in feathers on the neck.

I maybe have worked out what happened.  After I did the special posting and collage, the day before yesterday ,  I went outside, and Benoit was really really excited. A lot of complex Crow talking  and wing flapping, like there was something exciting happening. Well, all last night, I kept seeing Benoit in my mind, and this morning woke to a dream where Benoit was telling me that about an arranged visit with the "big" birds. So, I think what happened was Benoit DID go to stay with relatives for the night - like a "sleep over for a whole day and a half, and THAT was what the darling little Crow was trying to tell me the other afternoon. That a sleepover was happening,  since Benoit was a "big bird" now, and could spend a night away from the family.  

The Mom and Dad Crows  really missed having Benoit and Baba about. Baba, although maybe not as bright as Benoit, is older, and he is still away. I think that he is ok - I hope so. Anyway, I am so so happy that Benoit is ok, if a bit worn out looking. I guess the "big bird" relatives probably gave Benoit a bit of a "right of Passage". And I'm not even sure if Benoit is a boy or girl. Anyways, Benoit - was happy to see me, and flew staight down to greet me when I just came home. Looking a bit worse for wear, and rather subdued, but ok!!!! 

And now I understand why the Mom and Dad were calling out so loudly all day yesterday - they were calling to the children who had gone on the "sleepover" far away with the other Crows. 
I have decided that I love and respect  crows more than ever now!!!!!
This has been one of the biggest learning curves in my life - learning that loving wild creatures means I must "let go" and be cool and detatched like the birds are!

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