Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wisdom in the Land - a life goal

About 28 years ago, when I was studying at Gatton Agricultural College, I realised that to have a goal in life, something that I could work on, that would give me meaning to life, may be a good thing.

I meditated upon this, and decided that, to keep it simple, it was best to give my goal as few a words as possible. Discovering a life goal, and putting it into a few simple words may sound somewhat difficult. However, suprisingly, as soon as I asked this question of myself, the answer came immediately.

And the word were few. 'Wisdom in the Land'. Very simple. Yet, full of complexity.

This life goal of Wisdom in the Land has led me to many beautiful places, inspiring people, and amazing experiences. The search for wisdom may seem a rather pretentious journey, and yet to me, it implied an innocent stance - one of student to nature.

The journey for me is far from over. And by the end of my journey I will still be the student.

What the goal of Wisdom in the Land has taught me so far, is that the teachings are everywhere.

The world, the land is an awesome place of learning. Wherever I go I learn more and more. It is a never ending goal for me, and one that I will never reach. But the journey that the goal is taking me on is worth it! So far, this is what I have learnt

If you sit quietly, and listen with your spirit, the Land will talk with you.
The Land, and all its natural wonder, is a great teacher.
The Land, and all its resources, belongs not to us. We belong to it.
With vision, we lead ourselves forward.

Choose your vision wisely, with your heart.

The rush for owning and possessing Land can lead us to run frantically upon the same spot, eating up the very resources that we aspire to own, till eventually we eat ourselves. Nothing is left.
Relax and be part of the wonder that nature provides in the Land.

Meditate within the Land
Retreat to the hidden spaces within time that the Land holds for us.
It is there, that the Land will speak to us.

The Land is a receptive vehicle, though which our creative energy and desire can be focused. Use this creative energy and desire wisely, for our human knowledge and consciousness has evolved great power. And greater power requires greater Wisdom.

Ask yourself - is it better to run upon the spot, and eat yourself up?
Ask yourself - is it better to relax and let the Land be your friend and guide, teaching you Wisdom...

Wisdom in the Land does not need a degree from university or great scientific learning, it can be practiced daily, anywhere, anytime. It can be shared with others and it will probably take a lifetime to become just a little wiser!

Alison Polistchuk

(I dedicate this page to two people who have inspired me to journey on this path. One is a neighbour of my childhood, who inspired me to follow the path of nature and simplicity - Rosemary Payet. The other person is Len Webb, who grew up with my father, Roy, and who sent me such a beautiful letter when I graduated from college, wishing me well, that his wishes have stayed with me, in my heart, to this day.)

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