Friday, January 23, 2009

Bluesfest - East Coast Blues and Roots Music Festival 2009 - bluecray perception

The Byron Bay Bluesfest 2009 shall soon be in the Byron Shire area of the Mt Warning Caldera Region, NE NSW.

shop till you drop bop till you pop
the Bluesfest of Byron is near
the Belongil site's ready
and Tyagarah looks steady
to take on the bluesfest next year
so come drink your fill
load your notes in their till
and party the environment away
your conscience is yours till eternity's here
are your sure that you want it THAT WAY??????

The Byron Bay Bluesfest 2009 clearly illustrates that the  dichotomy of human rational, ignorance and self-gratuitous environmental belief systems is alive and well in Byron Bay, 2009. The Byron Bay Bluesfest has a long history within the Mt Warning Caldera Region and beyond.

And the slow subtle degradation of habitats and environmental health in the Byron Shire also has a long history.  Players in this field (Belongil Fields and beyond) can pat themselves on the back, preen their egos and shuffle their heads back into the sand. I just wonder how many cigarette butts, bottle tops and pieces of plastic they will find there, after the Byron Bay Bluesfest 2009 is gone and the animals that have survived the trauma of forced relocation come back to their homes to continue their lives.

I love music, I love the land, I love the animals and the human spirits that live in this beautiful Mt Warning Caldera Region.  I pray with all my might that some mass consciousness shift occurs at the Byron Bay Bluesfest at Belongil Fields (or is it tyagarah?) this year (2009), so that the coming years of Bluesfest "mania" (Tyagarah ?)become directly, immediately and thoroughly accountable to the authentic spiritual land guardians of the Mt Warning Caldera Region.

I say this, because it is clear to me that the Byron Shire is incapable of taking care of this beautiful part of the world - one only has to walk along the shoreline at Byron and through the parklands to see just how much plastic, rubbish, cigarette butts, bottle tops, batteries and god know's how much unseen waste and toxins have infiltrated the habitats that they proclaim to protect.

The Arakwal people are the historical custodians of the land in this area. Their land stewardship preserved a unique and diverse environmental heritage, much of which has now been swallowed up by inappropriate 19th, 20th and now 21st century development.  Today, more and more people have an increasing  impact on this area and region, and from what I can see, the heritage and rights for the native animals that live in the Habitats of the Byron Shire has been severely compromised.

Words like "precautionary principal", "environmental sustainability", "caring for country" and "global crisis" mean nothing, when the current dichotomy of human words and actions are let loose on the planet. Please don't let the "vision fade".

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